Yup, my opinion again

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honestly the deagle .44 is a underused weapon, I think that if we boost it to the rank higher than that of the m45a1 then it will be used more, also buff the damage and make the caliber .50 because that is the standard caliber for Deagle.


Deagle .50 appeared in the CTE, but got scrapped.


Underused, because the M1911 is straight up better than it overall.




Its a good gun its just the recoil makes it hard to use


Not unless you can land headshots easily. You may think the M1911 is better, but that’s because you’re probably using it the wrong way. This is the same case with the mateba as well. Most people use these guns as spam cannons and because of the crazy recoil, they miss a lot of shots. The only time the spam cannon tactic is actually effective is point blank range, where it’s impossible to miss a shot. But, if you use it like me, treat the gun like a sniper and a shotgun at the same time, you can actually kill more than one person. Considering up close the Deagle is a one shot head shot, if you slow your shots, you can land a headshot on every enemy, and get a sick multi feed. Tbh the deagle could actually be better than an assault rifle, depending on how you use it. The deagle rewards high skill, therefore if you’re really good, you’ll annihilate the enemy team, deagle only too. The M1911 though, it gets a lot of praise but it’s really just another weapon that you spam to kill someone with. It doesn’t really reward skill, it’s just you shoot it really fast and your enemy is dead, even then I feel like the deagle would be better. Because at least with a deagle you can kill more than 2 people before reloading.


woah, information


And yet there’s the thing.

I don’t spam-cannon the M1911 all of the time. Such a tactic, as you said, is only effective to resort to at point blank range, where panic sets in, and marksmanship goes out the window.

In cqc the M1911 is extremely forgiving, where taking time to aim for that 1 shot headshot could get you killed in a pinch; if you miss all of your shots, you’re screwed with little to no chances of recovery going against even semi-competent players. If you’re using the Deagle for two-shot body shots however, you might be using the M1911, despite the Deagle’s enhanced two-shot range.

While shooting at 5 cps or slower, you can also get this really nice negative recoil effect, with extremely tight groups even at longer ranges. The M1911 has a faster recoil recovery time when compared to the Deagle, allowing you to shoot at this speed and still have an extremely stable gun.

However, I’m not saying the Deagle is outright useless as a gun. As stated before, the 50 stud headshot range is extremely useful, and yes, it rewards for those with far higher skill when it comes to marshmallow acquisition than me. Not only that, but the Deagle’s maximum damage range is far higher than the M1911’s, which can save your hide in certain instances.

I praise the M1911 because it doesn’t just specialize in a marksmans role like the Deagle does. It’s a generalist who is extremely capable of itself for when your primary runs dry, someone flanks you when you have a long gun unable to compete in CQC, and a plethora of other situations.


what part of “spam cannon” is different from “treat the gun like a shotgun”


While in context of the game, you’re completely correct. Unless of course, some nerf comes along and makes the shotguns slow as hell.

What I think they meant was that you should treat it as both a LRC and CQC weapon.


no, that’s not just right, is it?


well, after unlocking tec-9 or m45a1 or THE FUCKING M1911 MAINS it would be hard to find anyone that mains D .44


What’s wrong with us?

Umad of our CQC prowess?


if you think about it, it’s ironic that the deagle isn’t being used often, given the one shot capability


the one shot is just headshot though right?


mad because lets say you are just trying to play the game with a gun but someone with a Knife thinks it’s fine to use a knife.

(and it’s annoying to be killed by a knife when you have a much better setup and its like a knife while you have something like the asp)


So you’re mad because someone can outperform your 100 round beta c-drum H&K with a .45 ACP classic?





and you can’t aim properly well enough with your mac so you have to play knife

makes me facepalm


But by my proposed situation (which you confirmed to be as true), you use an MG 36. I use a M1911.

You technically require less skill than using the M1911, limited by a low capacity, low range, and far higher recoil.

Also, your analogy is flawed, and doesn’t contribute anything to your point.