Your thoughts (Without "Part #") : Aug A3 Para

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Tbh the Aug A3 Para is (In my opinion) the second best gun in the Aug family

Here is the loadout I use:

Sight: Coyote sight
Barrel: Compensator
Underbarrel: Vertical Grip
Other: Green Laser


I like the Para.

Is gud PDW.


yey ;p


The only downside to the Para is reloading imo (Allthough that’s the downside to every AUG)


Im gonna test the reload speed on Gun Test + Semas Development Stuff


I haven’t touched thing thing since before the UI update


the only downside is that it’s a downgrade from the KRISS Vector in pretty much every stat that matters




Eh. i have not unlocked it but i have picked it up and tried it and… i prefer the AUG 1/2&3 to it


I bought it back when buying things wasn’t frowned upon (as much as it is now). I’ve used it way too often ever since. I think by now I have at least 2k kills with it. I might start using it again.

Sight: Acog Scope
Barrel: PBS-1 Suppressor
Underbarrel: Stubby Grip
Other: Canted Iron/Delta Sight

I prefer to use other PDWs, but this is still a pretty neat gun to use for me.


I used to like it, but I’ve found better results with the KRISS, MP5SD, and UMP.


It’s ok. I don’t use the Aug family a lot till now because I use it with 6x scope


Well, the Vector fires really fast, so you go through ammo too fast sometimes if you’re not careful.


My loadout:

Angled Grip
Green Laser