Your thoughts: The M16a4


The M16a4 is a nice Burst weapon, I would use this in CQC and Medium range, The attatchmets i put on it are:

Coyote Sight
Stubby Grip
Green Laser


M16A4 is gud burst gun.

Now where’s “Your thoughts: M231”?


Nice series!
I really don’t like the m16a4 cause it doesn’t act like a burst gun to me. There is no burst delay?
And the damage at range is bad for me
idk if its just me


M16A4 is delicious, and I prefer to use it at long ranges with this loadout

Vertical Grip
Flash Hider

In case you want the aesthetic to make it look like a Canadian C7A2, try getting a customizeable skin, use it on the barrel, and magazine, set transparency to Max, and set the brick color to sand green


Lets not keep spamming these out, try grouping a few guns in one post instead of 1 of the 70ish guns in the game.

(M4A1 master race)


I personally don’t like burst in PF (due to burst nerf) but its a gud gun with nice DPS


Oh hell yeah. A basic M16A4 with a grip makes it up for me.


The top kek badger still is my fav ar
But this is definetly my favourite burstfire gun


just stop it with these crap thread I’m gonna count how many you have maid in 2 weeks…




Honey badger…
Just use m16a3 or m4a1 with ars or pbs-4 suppressor
Tbh honey is the most overrated gun in the game


suppressed m16 or m4 do not even come close to the badger
and cough cough it is not overrated, the sks is cough




Everything knows the honey badger is lol


i prolly come across too much skses but others do not, hm, funny coincidence, ecks dee
the badger is still my favourite, idk why people see this as “overrated”.


Why the fuck no one ping me? sadness.
@Nickcostley @Nickcostley @Nickcostley
G laser
Sand green and black camo completes the look.
Pretty much make it a Canadian C7A2:image


We didn’t need to ping you.