Your Thoughts: Tec-9

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It is a fully automatic pistol with an overall good fire rate. I would use it as a secondary along with my Recon class.

also… KEK NEIN


My best Sniper secondary.


The KEK NIEN is a pretty good sniper secondary, i mainly use it to stop the AR’s from killing me while im sniping noobs off the crane


Glock 18 with extended mag is much more controllable.


Tec-9 pretty cool, personal favorite.


its good.


i think people are using the term noob as in bad or assholes in the game now

does noob still mean new now? Not all rank 5 skids camp on crane. Some rank 50 dipshits do as well


I don’t rly like the tec-9, but i am not trying to say that it is a bad gun
My favourites are the deag 44, rex and obrez