Your Thoughts: BFG 50


Ummmm, tbh I WOULD use this gun if it had any other scope beside the default P II scope and with a BalTrack (jk pls no kill) Heres my BFG 50 loadout: Vcog 6x, No barrel attachment, Stubby Grip, Green laser


Kills @SuperNova_wOlfy


my thoughts on the bee eff gee fiff tee:
worst gun





Hecate is clearly the superior


I would like the Hecate more if i could actually use it XD


Even then the Hecate is still tryhardish


Both .50 BMG snipers are tryhardish because they one-shot headshot… so the people who use robux for credits buy one of the two (or both) Snipers and think they are unstoppable.


dunno y stubby grip but ok


I put it on for its sight accuracy


but it slows down ads time

im not sure if grips actually improve sniper rifles or not
i tried on an angled and folding grip on my r700 and it seemes to not really improve accuracy


The Hecate II made the BFG legal

Thats my opinion, because the Heacte is just worst than the BFG ini almost every single way.

The only downside about the BFG while comparing it to the Hecate, is that it only has one round.


It is shit, it is in no way OP, I would use the mosin instead


God damit this gun is worse than that Bee Ef Gee 50


Oh god phantom forces anime, lito what have you done?!


I’m just saying, this is the exact reason PF needs an anime


BFG: the anime


It’s honestly overrated.


Agree, falsely thought to be OP


it got hella nerfed and people are still complaining