Your signature gun

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Oof didn’t the M4 become hot garbage after it’s nerf? I remember it being top tier around two months ago tho.

I decided to quit Phantom Forces about two months ago in anticipation for my first year of high school, but when it was easier than expected, I made the call to come back. If there’s anything new that I’m missing, please let me know and I’ll rectify that.


@Snip4life will change
@Meme_King will put


Still don’t have my own signature weapon ;-;


mine would be either MK11,Vss,MP7, or AWS


I was forgotten about now i am big sad. Intervention has around 3k kills, and my Ak-12 has like 2k, my r870 has 2.5k, and scar ssr has like 1.6k


I started with scar-L so I have plenty, when I’m doing bad with a gun I like to use I revert back to scar L



This is not a complete sentence


Ok then


you’ll more likely see me with a flechette saiga tho




then use my PMII scar pdw. (this shit is a fucking god teir loadout, trust me)


Ok then aaaa bot


me neither




I think most of my guns are over 1500 kills except the WW2 weapons and the ak12c.

Mosin btw


Already used REEEEEEE


Everyone mosin is taken so stop


Where am I? I love the G36!!! G36 is the gun on my name!!!


Ok then will do


I have close to 4k kills on it.