Your signature gun

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Your not 3 months old
And I said above 1500 kills


yeah but im really good with the mk11


I already said that
You need to be a member for more than 3 months and
HAVE TO HAVE 1500 kills so you can prove your the best in the forum with it
And maybe you just got lucky
You need solid prove that your better than everyone with it not just one game


I get good stats like this in open arena maps all the time!


Two matches only so far
I already said YOU NEED MORE THAN 1500 kills
AND YOU NEED to be part of this community for 3 months


37/4 thats actaully pretty good


boy I’m missing out




I KNOW RIGHT??? I’ve only used the mk 11 for less than three weeks and im already that good! Kill count and memership time doesnt matter if ur GOOD!! I already have 539 kills with the mk11 after only TWO AND A HALF WEEKS! I’ve onlyr recently realized how versatile it is!!


As @awesome0001000 said, you must be so good at the gun that no one could replicate your skills on your main gun.


You need to be the best in the forum for the mk11 to get that sweet signature weapon


but still that dosent mean that u are a master at the gun people tend to find there gun that they can cooperate but not master if u rly are good with it u would have atleast 1000 by this week


i’m a master on this gun i can beat my friend with it. He uses the SKS (Very similar with the MK11) and he started phantomf forces before me


That doesn’t mean your the best


And i cant play a lot i have to study


Everyone does but they can also get enough kills


Also has anyone realized I haven’t put a signature weapon for myself

I like multiple weapons and all are taken


wow we reached 62 comments in a day thanks guys


extremely bright pink mosin with no attachments. have nearly 5k kills on it


Wow I give you your signature weapon myosin as exclusive because it’s neon