Your signature gun

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going to put a whoosh here even though there was no joke


Help me with this list


A question mark means I’m not sure and it needs to be confirmed


G36C, over 2k kills with it. :smiley:


Honey Badger


Ok going to add


Another repuirment is that you have to be in this community for over 3 months so everyone knows you well


why can’t there be a thing like prestige where you can select to have ur name or signature on it that means if someone picked it up it would have ur signature


Definitely not. It’s the two Grozas.


ok then will change


AN-94; I have more kills with it, and it brings me more excessively good games.

VCOG 6x Scope, Armor Piercing (not pictured)


I think it needs a PSO-1.



I like you.

I like the way you think.


Mines the M16A4 (2000+ kills) although im kind of beast at most weapons


ok then will change


Mine is the Remington 870. Been using ever since I started playing pf. 2.1k kills.

Working on the svds of course


Your not 3 months old on this site. But I will make a exception because your very active


Mine is RPK-74.





I have 1150 kills with the remington750 but my best performance came with the mk11