Your signature gun

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Your gun that you use in phantom forces you main weapon that the whole community knows your the god at
Must have more than 1500 kills with


Patiently waits for someone to say mine, because pretty much everyone knows it.

And Chroniton’s, Admiral_Ward’s,…


I pretty sure I got some here

DarkmanBree: FAL

Chroniton: L86 LSW

TP_One: SR-3M

Snip4Life: R700

Admiral Ward: VSS


RedComm: Groza series

MrGarfield26: RPK

CamaroKidBB: AN-94

Apoorsoul: Mosin ?

PistonsofDoom: BFG50

Veteran15837: Saiga-12

takeusername: MG36

PenguinDoesRoblox: G36C

hyped: M16A4

ssuuka: Remington 870

Popcorn897: super neon mosin (special occasion for duplicate)

knta12: Scar PDW

Skillz: G36

Nickcostley: M16A4 (God gun)

Suomiball: HAMR

Meme_King (hellcat5): AK-47

Meme_s: M4A1





Contrary to belief, I have only around 1.3k kills with my baby.

M1911 is where all of my kills are, at around 3k+


Ok will change


I believe there was also @M4A1, but… I wonder what his signature weapon is…

I have no idea…

I think it’s… AK-47?


Big fan of the M4, but working on learning the AN-94.

So for signature gun, go with the M4


Cannot repeat other people’s gun
Be original


How many kills?


Wait scrap the M4 its the BFG 50.

BFG 50 kills ; 2652


no u

Please no cancer guns


SR-3M’s a pretty easy one to think of




It is not cancerous, it takes skill to only use BFG 50 and SFG 50, especially since they only have two rounds for each combined.


I’m just kidding


i’ve got 1.5k with the frag does that count


No I said GUNS


Guys help me I need other people’s guns comment some to me