Your go-to weapon


@ILIEKTRAINZ looks like you have a buddy!!!


since revive then
remmy 700 & 870


For my go to weapon, I use my sexy black ksg12 with laser, vcog sight, and some other crap. Secondary is Glock obvy. The mprex is good too. But ksg one shot :ok_hand:. It’s sooooo sleek.


Because u a ksg spammer noob not another one :neutral_face:


Congratulations you played yourself


Ksg is not for noobs. Knifing people, now that’s what a noob would do. The melee weapons are fucking broken


?..??? How?


number 5.


  • No attachments

It is very fun at all ranges, my only gripe about this gun is the bullet drop.

number 4.


  • Vert. grip
  • laser

This is basically a gun based on fast-paced CQB, i am a long range player, :peach: i really enjoy this gun

number 3.


  • laser

This long range gun is extremely effective, not with the fastest firerate, :peach: it is really accurate with high damage, this is my go-to long range weapon.

number 2.

honey badger

  • no attachments

this is the AS VAL :peach: with less rof, and higher damage. syn the l11 addict mains it, :peach: that does’nt keep me from using it, it is so fuking fun to use

Honorable mentions:

the M16A4

  • PK-A, Laser, vert grip

it is fuking good for a burstfire

Kriss Vector

  • Reflex, Laser, stubby grip

The vector is my #1 favourite PDW, it is everything i need in a SMG

Colt SMG 635

  • Kobra sight, Vert. grip

this is a crazy gun, insane ROF, and high DPS, this’d be my number 1 PDW with less recoil

Dragunov SVU

  • Laser, Angled grip

Holy fuck, what did i just use? whatever it was, it was fun.


  • PK-A or vCOG 6x, laser

3 words: The perfect sidearm


  • laser

it’s noon o’ clock, wow this is amazing

Remington 700

  • no attachments

i would prolly put this at number 6 (it is also my most used gun with 6,5K kills)

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number 1.

drum roll
the Moist nugget

  • lazer, irons



AUG A1, accuracy is insane and no other assault rife can come close to it. Accuracy too stronk.



So what would you do if a dude comes right at you and you have literally no ammo or not able to feed him lead since he’s too close and your barrel just goes thru him?


Filthy capitalist, using the horrible capitalist invention of laser

True Russians use nothing but a Mosin


Thank you!!! Aug a1 just shreds at range and cqc combat.


My favorite gun in the game, and the one I use the most, is the M16A3, with Reflex Sight, Muzzle Break, Green Laser, and Angled grip.

Whenever I’m feeling half-triggered, I go to this, and tryhard like hell. And I use it when, well, I just wanna have some fun with ARs.

Also I’m a pancake man.
(this isn’t actually me btw)


That’s an exception, there are those noobs that use knife even if they have a gun.


At least they can dodge your shite aim when they melee you.


I knife alot, and have an overall kdr of 1.71, rank 116

Am I a noob?


I remember when knife only was a fun skill based challenge, moving as fast and much as humanly possible with every different movement mechanic.






Able to get the jump on you because you don’t check your behind…


I mean, they don’t exactly jump on people. They don’t use their guns, they run around knifing people.