Your go-to weapon


To get 162 kills in one game, it’s gotta be the AKM with green laser and angled grip.

For Metro, SCAR PDW with angled, green, and ARS.

For crane maps BFG with BT (yes, I am one of ‘those’ people) or RPK74 with angled and green.

Secondary is always G18 (+muzzle break and laser) with BFG

And Deagle with muzzle break for everything else. (Not Rex because you can get 8 rounds loaded in Deagle, while only 6 in Rex)


metro is all about the m60


In some respects, yes.

But for Metro, if you want kills ya gotta flank. And with M60, it’s too loud, and heavy to move around with fast. Reload times are long, so if you run dry you’re a dead man.

Plus, it takes up like half the screen.


what res do you play?

that is true. But mostly when i play metro i never flank im just mid spraying everyone down whilst they come forward xd. The reload has gotten me killed a phew times


Yep with SCAR PDW you can get quads with one mag if they’re all coming up a single escalator or through those side corridors.

2560 x 1440, you?


i’ve never really used the scar pdw as the scar hmr has always done it for me

is it even worth using?

4k holy moly


Haha not 4K unfortunately. Only QuadHD. :frowning: 4K is at 3840 x 2160

SCAR PDW is probably the best gun when it’s suppressed. With angled and laser, it’s pretty darn accurate.


ill have to use it sometime


For sure bro


do you recommend a sight or just use iron?


Coyote for all except AKs (Coyote on AK12 tho)

Mini for sidearms


kobra on ak74 makes me cream, it is sooo good


I’ll try it out. Mother Russia am I right?


it works out perfectly, totally fits in with the recoil of the weapon

(All hail putin)


Kk thx for da tip.

Speaking of ‘creaming’, I’ll be off then. Hahah jk jk. Actually…

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



lmao ;-;


lets take a moment to realize how sweaty he is, i mean look at that forehead


haha ikr.


go to gun: m60
don blame me i have over 2.5k on it idk I just like it
grenade: grenade (lenny)
knife: machete
sidearm: glock 18