Your favorite song?


Just post songs that you guys like to hear, it could be from any language and authors.
Pls right in this style:
[song name/ author/ language ( preferably english)]

For example: [ Kiss from a rose/ Seal/ English]


[ Sandstorm/ Darude/ English]


good meme


no thats what i legit listen to a lot of the times
if u ignore the fact that its a meme its a pretty good song


[ Inhale / Plini / Instrumental]


I can see the appeal actually…I went through a trance phase, so I can see the appeal in Sandstorm.


I like to play fade from alan walker (english) while playing pf. I also like to play other stuff like that while playing. He isn’t american though.


I can’t really run music when playing PF cuz of my potato


My music is a mix of 90’ and pop song.


[ Sweaters/ Ivan B/ English]

Po_ke used this for a montage
Frost 7 or Oblivion


Seems like a nice song, Ill check it out.


[ Scp Foundation Main Theme/ Ajoura/ I mean, just a lot of techno, piano, and strings.]


I’ve listened to this every beginning of Phantom Forces Sundays.


Maya the Psychic by Gerard Way


Still, it is quite around here/ LITE/ no lyrics

By far my favorite song
I can’t get youtube to work here so just click this instead 【/͠-ヘ ͝-\】


okay, I’m wrong…

it’s this


[ Don’t Want To Go (feat. Go Periscope) / Nigel Good / English ]

Or maybe just check out the entirety of the Space Cadet album. It’s worth the hour.


my all time favorite song is Weird Fishes by Radiohead, but I imagine not many people here would like that, so I’ll give my favorite EDM song as well which is probably By Design by WRLD


Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back by My Chemical Romance


Kiddos from tomorrow.