Your Favorite AK Variants


This isn’t a very detailed post, I just wanted to figure this out at some point. AK’s are very plentiful in game, and though I haven’t unlocked them all, I have gotten some general traits:

  • Normally mediocre to slow firerate for their class
  • Pretty much all AK’s have a significant amount of vertical recoil.
  • Fast to average TTK for their class.
  • Mid to long range capabilities .(DBV doesn’t count)
  • The AK12 variants often have a 2 round burst

The guns I count as AK’s are as follows: AK12, AK12BR, AKU12, AK12C, DBV12, AK47, AK74, AK103, AK105, AKM, RPK12, RPK, RPK74 and the SVK12E if you really want to include it.

Though there are a lot of AK variants in PF, I think Stylis has done an acceptable job making them feel unique. They still feel a LOT alike to use though. And here we get to the reason I made this post: What is your favorite AK variant and why? If you have something to add that I missed (Because I probably missed something), feel free to do so, but otherwise, I’m very interested to know what AK variant you use/like the most. To begin, I like the AK47 (And 74 for the better recoil).


AK-74 is my favourite so far.


AK-47 and Saiga-12U.

That is all.



That is all i am willing to dish out


RPK because it’s an all rounder and pretty hard hitting. some might argue it deals roughly the same damage as the AK-47, but it has a 45 round mag, so who can’t resist that?

but now it starting to switch over to the AKU-12 or the AK105 because I find myself using guns that’s more mobile nowadays, which both the AKU and the 105 checks off the list


RPK-74, I used to be a master at this in Beta.




AK-103, AK-47, '74, and M are my favorite AKs




the Ak12s have 3 round burst, currently, only ak12 with a 2 round is the BR


RPK74 and AK74


Thank you. SVK12E will forever be in my heart


AK-74 and AKU-12 and don’t forget about the AK-12C and AK-103


that should be on it’s way, if it’s not sscrapped


how is a dbv and svk qualifying as an AK


DBV is short for “shotgun” in Russian, and the DBV-12 is based off the AK-12 platform, which itself is (loosely) based off of the AK-74 platform.

SVK just stands for “Snaiperskaya Vintovka Kalashnikova,” therefore designating it as an AK variant.


thank you for informing me with this information


It helps to do at least a little bit of research.
And know some offhand Russian.


CS GO mic spamming russian


How about the an 94 is that an ak variant