XM8 Assault Rifle Weapon (Mabye the entire family variants?) Suggestion

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While I do think that this idea may get shot down, I think that XM8 and some of its variants may be good material for new weapons. To start off, I will give as much stats that I can come up so far with the assault rifle variant.
image (From Battlefield Play4Free)
Weapon type: Primary Weapon
Weapon type: Assault class
Rank earned: 57? (Can be changed if needed be.)
Weapon Rate of fire: 750 RPM
Weapon Reload: 2.8 seconds
Empty Reload time: 3.7 seconds
Fire Modes: Auto, Burst fire, and Semi.
Range: 85 max --> 155 min
Damage 30 --> 28
Recoil: ??
Muzzle Velocity: 2,500 studs/secs
Ammo type: 5.56x45mm NATO
Round in chamber: One
Magazine Size: 30, 31 with round in chamber
Ammo Reserve:120
And that is all I have for this on stats so far. Again, there are at least five variants of this weapon: LMG, Compact Carbine, Carbine with XM32o Grenade Launcher (I don’t think this one will ever get in), DMR, and the Automatic Rifle (the one that I gave the stats to). Please leave comments as to what kind of adjustments should be made for the weapon, and give out some logical ideas for its range, recoil, walk speed, accuracy, and damage.
Or you could ridicule me for being an idiot or something, idk.

Edit: I’ve done some changes to the stats, as well as changed the picture to something that didn’t include a grenade launcher as an attachment. I also added another image to show an example of what the iron sights would look like.




Any ideas for the stats to the weapon that you have?


nope. I don’t know and care about stats



It’s alright.
So what do you think of it? Anything I can do to change this?


make it unique. It’s looking like a G36 Clone


Fair point, I might try to make the damage a bit higher at close range, but weaker than the G36’s damage. I’ll try to make the Rate of Fire slightly faster/slower? Range will be hard for me to determine.


A couple of problems.
Comparing G36C’s real life velocity to it’s in-game velocity.
That’s a really good idea… except do it with an assault rifle like Famas, or something.
The compact carbine should be added but carbine with grenade launcher… just no.
Part because of Stylis is busy [probably not] fixing the hit reg and part of Roblox’s crappy engine not being able to handle it, especially on a sophisticated game like Phantom Forces [for Roblox anyways] without a lot of lag.


Not using grenade launcher on XM8. anytime soon will be adding a grenade launcher


uhh… wot


Fucking bot would you seriously need to know



Thank you for pointing out the muzzle velocity issue with the stat. I only made the estimate by looking at the feet and trying to convert it from feet to studs in the game. That’s also is why I am a bit hesitant with coming up with range and damage output. I do have some indication with the effective and maximum range with the XM8 irl, but trying to covert it’s range is rather harder to determine.


I’m probably repeating this, but top tip if you wanna “”“convert”"" bullet velocity from feet/metre to studs

find a gun that’s in game with a similar caliber/cartridge, in this case, M16A3 cus 5.56 NATO, and then use that speed, adjust accordingly to the barrel length. if it’s longer, velocity should be higher

yeah, you get the idea


Yeah, this is why I’m almost failing math


Thank you, I’ll do that




Literally just a G36 with a different Chasis, Lets be honest.


but it looks better


Not wrong about that one, chief