Would you guys be opposed to a little game thread?


I want to do a D&D-esque game with you boys. I’d be designing it all from scratch, so it would take a little while to set up. But once I’m ready, would you guys be down to do it? Here’s a hint on the story: CRUSADE. THEOUGH. HELL. And a touch of dark souls. No nsfw, of course, but there may or may not be some really dark shit story-wise.
Anyways, since this is like my second time DMing, I’d go off a system of first come first serve. We’ll say… 6 players at most. Also we might be doing like 4 turns a day, at least. Anyways who would be down for this?

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Can I be the Dungeon Master?


Nein. You can co-DM with me, if you want. But then we could expand the playerbase too.

I’ll think about it.


Then maybe.


great idea this should be fun.


A small announcement; there are going to be unique changes to the weapons system, and actions you can perform. Also, everyone is essentially a human paladin, with some tweaks. Instead of Races we are going to have Nationalities. The differences between nationalities will not be game-changing, but they will provide little buffs here and there. Backgrounds essentially determine your class. Just like dark souls, your history determines your starting stats (hoo boy that’s a whole nother issue) and starting equipment. What backgrounds don’t effect is your player character. That would be your nationality.

For example, the proud warrior nation of Cane absolutley despises magic users, because they see it as cowardly and weak. This prejudice carries over to how they act towards other characters. Or at least it should if you’re roleplaying. For another example, Canites absolutely hate Meridites for two reasons. A. Meridite kind of has been at war with them constantly over bordering territory, and B. Meridite is essentially sustained by spellcasters and magic. Erego, if there is a Meridite and Canite in a party together, they shouldn’t be all buddy buddy right off the bat. They can grow to like each other and respect one another, but that takes time.

Again, that’s all assuming you’re roleplaying. I’m not stopping you from getting all buddy buddy with a Meridite if you’re a Canite from the very start, but I’m just saying, it wouldn’t really make sense.

Oh, speaking of nationalities, every nationality has likes and dislikes. These likes and dislikes extend to your others’ nationality, background, the way others talk and fight, etc.

Again, this is all for the purpose of roleplaying. And balance.

Now going back to the unique mechanics I talked of before, here’s an example.

Beheading: Beheading can be performed when 2 conditions are met. 1: the enemy is under ⅓ of their health, and 2: you can kill said enemy with your next attack. Beheading provides a morale debuff and decreases an enemy’s will to fight you. If a very strong enemy is beheaded, their followers have a good chance scatter. Beheading can only be done when using slashing damage. However, beheading some leaders may anger their followers, and only make them more aggressive.

Certain actions can be performed with certain weapons, and they can have an effect on the environment, other enemies, or the enemy you’re fighting, which is the most common. Or it can work on multiple of those. For example beheading works on the enemy you’re fighting, and if they have any followers, or there are weaker enemies around, it effects them.

Of course I could just scrap the nationalities system, and go with traditional races, but imo, it doesn’t make sense to have Orcs drafted to go fight in a holy war against the armies of hell. Much less for them to go along with it.


Possibly. I might be occupied with a WH40K tabletop soon, but this looks interesting as well.


@Hellcat_V when are we doing this?


As soon as I have everything prepared. And seeing as how I have to create a stats system and weapons system from the ground up? Yeah. Not okay. It might take something like a month.


ok this will be fun I have no exp in rpg


how close are you to setting the game up


and do u need any help


Meh I can just clone D&D and think as I go. Or make my own weapons system.

Still stuck on that weapons system.

I’ve been real busy with the video game creation stuff so it’s hard to find the time to do it. If you want to help you can.


Video game creation? :slight_smile:


Yes and no. This is a bit of a prototype.


ill help with anything lol


@Hellcat_V r u done w/ it yet


No, I haven’t worked on it at all. I’ve been busy with my game.


can I help


On the game most likely no. Unless you can do some good spritework for us. My skills at doodling is good enough to capture the idea of something but translating it into pixel art is hard as balls.