Will they have a separate M1911 model from PF when CoR5 is remade?


Hello, folks. I was just thinking about the M1911 and whether they plan to keep the M1911A1 model from PF and transfer it over to CoR5 or whether they will create some sort of other model for the CoR5 reboot.

Will they remake the M1911 model for CoR5?

Should they?

  • Yes
  • No

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I dont play COR that much so I have no idea what youre talking about XD


there is a possibility


Don’t expect it. In the dev stream / mailroom one of the devs said that COR5 iS DEAD
and it wont be made until Pf is FULLY complete


I think that they should have a separate model when they make CoR… Maybe something a little more rugged.


Guys PF is outta beta it’s in official release and PF will still get its regular updates and it will NEVER be truely done