Will the console and computer versions of phantom ever be merged


I have an Xbox and I have a very good account on the computer and I would like to be able to play on my Xbox without starting over. I know to console version is unstable right now but in the future will this be possible?


I doubt it. The play styles are too different for there not to be any disadvantage for one of them.

I do believe it is possible to play on your computer with a controller, that’s as close as you can get. I haven’t tried it before, but I feel like it’s something that’d work.


Attatch a controller

Job done



End of story.

PC players would have an accuracy advantage over Xbox players


Console players would be obliterated because of the inferior accuracy of a controller. Also it isn’t worth it, the player count on the console is too low for it to be worth the effort.




they adbondon console phantom forces


No, because they’re on different platforms. Practically no games ever have been cross-platform.


Cough Velocity


Dont revive dead topics


18 days isn’t a dead topic.



Body is too similar to what you recently posted


Stylus tried. And the console version fell flat on it’s broken face.

It’s out-dated, runs terribly, and recoil is harder to control with a controller.

I don’t see a merge.


the issue is PF is far in development, and the UI is a huge problem if we want to merge versions. though we all do want to do it, just not sure if we will or not


You really should.


I don’t think there’s enough of a fanbase on console for it to be really warranted.


Hm… I wonder why… Could it be that console PF is literally years old and the devs neglected it, causing the game to become a terrible mess that no one wants to play 20 levels in?

This really activates my almonds.


It’s obvious the Devs main concern isn’t console versions of the game. More people play on PC so it makes more sense to appeal to the larger playerbase.


Dear God, no. The advantage the PC players have with a keyboard and mouse over a game controller is staggering. A merge like this would spell doom for the console players.


You can always plug a keyboard into a controller tho, this is generally discouraged but is permitted and unbannable.