Why the option to buy guns should be removed


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to round 2 (or 3, lost count) of Torush vs Gun Purchases.

You’re a good half a year late. What is there to argue that hasn’t already been proposed and rejected?

Strawman Fallacy. Never thought I’d see the day I’d address this, but what really did I expect on such a topic…

In reading this, I am forced to assume that your use of inductive proposition implies that you aren’t taking this seriously. In fact, this shouldn’t serve as a pro at all, but rather a con, for why do the lower ranks deserve guns they have not ranked up for? I will do a little inductive reasoning on my part:

Pharmacist assistants are paid according to what rank or degree they have in a particular field of study. It is expected that the most advanced rank or degree would be paid more, so a lower qualified assistant should not get paid the same for assistants should be awarded based on their experience and thus how they can assist with consumers (or whatever they are paid to do).

Substitute in Phantom Forces ranks for medical ranks/degrees. Is it then fair that a lower rank gets the same gun that a higher rank rightfully unlocked?

Besides, it doesn’t matter, for, on the off chance, they can pick up a gun and use that, so it requires very little effort to use a gun (however not unlocking it).

And thus the first strong argument against gun purchases.

More inductive reasoning. You should not rely solely on probabilistic arguments.

These are conflicting statements. University stuff comes after grade 11. OP predictions are typically assessed in grade 12. Just because you’re running an OP course in education, does not mean you are doing “University stuff”.

This is not an argument, it’s you wasting what you claim “precious time”, if not it’s a poor choice on your part.

To further your ego, not only do you list off things that you have, but also deny a point, seemingly arrogant. This is also irrelevant to any sort of argument.

And yet it is fair. The option was always there for you to purchase a weapon, and you chose not to. So why must you hold that against people? The fact that you didn’t purchase a gun doesn’t make it any better of an argument. If anything, it’s a useless point to make, for why must things you believe in have to apply to others?

And yet people like you spend an hour a day on the game, this argument is worthless.

This isn’t new. This is how industries work.

Please don’t.

It is only as annoying as you allow it to be. What’s it matter, anyway? What is so wrong with purchasing weapons? You argued it is unfair, but in reality, it is. I’m willing to make a post sometime in the next three days regarding this stupid argument and put a rest to this garbage. The burden of proof is on those who wish to remove the system, and that burden has not been lifted.


It is and you’re not.


Oh shit, that roast



I’m going to tell you this

  1. what I meant in the -“Balance” (quotation marks) was sarcasm

  2. If you are going to quote separate parts from the same point, just don’t do it. It messes it all up

  3. Here where I live, you must start doing University paperwork in order to be able to SUBMIT the admission exam if you are on Grade 11 (That’s why I wrote IDK How that traduces to the US School System. Basically last year of school)

  4. I never claimed that my time was more valuable than anybody’s time so I don’t see why are you complaining about that.

  5. Not ego, but maybe ego (I understand myself)(Just typed that because I actually write this kind of posts as Stephen King wrote his best books)

  6. My failure to not type It seems unfair that while I have to grind my way to the good guns(…) since I can’t buy them,… You can’t tell me that I’m lying because I already mentioned where I live, so you should know (google how the situation in Colombia is right now) that not everyone here has the same purchasing power as a normal US person

  7. Actually, No. That’s not how industries work. If you release a product, if you don’t want your company to die with it, you either keep your product relevant or release more new products. Basic Economy principles. That’s why Activision doesn’t let CoD to rest in peace

  8. I actually did that post and you can look for it in here or in the subreddit. Name is The dawn of the PF crisis

  9. It’s actually annoying when 65% of the matches you find are just like that

  10. I typed that part because I’m recognizing that the whole game developing process isn’t an easy thing and because (that’s why I typed somehow) maybe I’m right on my statement that Stylis should make more games.


I sense a violent response.

In any sort of rant, in no way, if you wish to be taken seriously, should you ever, under any circumstance, use sarcasm in your writing. “Imbalance” would serve as a perfect substitute. Yet it is very upsetting how this is the thing you decided to object to.

The step-by-step analysis allows me to pin-point premises in arguments. Whatever I evaluate is in the context in which you intended your audience to comprehend, that unless your communication is not on point, which, in this case, you are hence responsible for whatever misinterpretations I make.

I don’t live in the US. Excuse any mistakes in this minor error which barely affects my “you’re arrogant af” argument.

Alas, your looking for points in my argument to attack has to lead to yet another mistake. Not once did I state that anyone else’s time is more valuable than the other. Quote me.

Conflicting statements. Also, you should be adopting your own style in writing. Then again, I’m a C-grade student in English. :slight_smile:

And so I should believe your every word for you live in a certain part of the globe? Please tell me you know yourself what is wrong with that…

And once again, it is not unfair. You would only ever have insufficient funds to purchase “good guns” because you’ve spent credits on something else, which is once again, your fault.

I wouldn’t call it economics, but rather business in general, where you have to plan your business to appeal to certain things your competitors do not. That’s why Fortnite is seemingly doing better off than PUBG; because they appeal to those who don’t want to spend money on a battle royale game.

I do not post on reddit. I am referring to older posts on this site, unless you wrote a rant on this site as well.

Just like what? You can’t just throw in objections without context. That’s why I quote certain parts of posts.

And my job here is to tell people that they aren’t when their arguments aren’t good enough to support their proposition.


You forgot a TL;DR

Here’s mine

TL;DR: Buck up your debate skills, stop bringing in irrelevant context into your debates


All this reading…
But I usually just treat fire with fire.
M60 with M60
Yeah I hope you get it.


Then there are those who grind to get credits and also selling un needed/wanted skins. The only guns I bought were the Ak 47 and mosin, but I just saved my credits from rank ups.

I bought the 47 at rank 40 and the mosin at rank 61 I’m glad I bought the mosin because I was bored with intervention and Remington and never used bfg. Also I’m into ww2 history so the mosin being from ww2 made me want it even more, after picking it up a few times. I’m pretty good with it
Now I am rank 73 and also don’t play pf a ton