Why the option to buy guns should be removed


Well, TBH I never thought I would make a post about this but the time has come.

It’s time to post my opinion about this thing and cease arguing with everyone on the disc server about this once and for all

Let’s get started

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For those who don’t know, in Phantom Forces you can unlock your gun before it’s determined rank by wasting a certain amount of money(from only a few hundred credits up to hundreds of thousands of credits)

This, basically, allows any rich kid to use his parents’ credit card, buy some robux, then buy some good juicy credits, buy any gun that’s for high ranks and blast people

But it has it dark side

So let’s set pros and cons(coz y not)

PROS(of having it):

-Makes up for a good money income
Well, it’s obvious. Even Call of Duty and Battlefield applied it more than once so that’s actually a way to make your game a little bit more worth. Allowing those people that are too lazy or simply that “just don’t have time” to get the good stuff is actually a good way of milking their money

-“Balance”(quotation marks)
Yes. Those “poor” people that “don’t have time to play” deserve to have good guns too

CONS(of having it):

I can tell for personal experience that most of those “poor” people that say “I don’t have time to play this kids game” or “I have a life” (Some people have said that to me when arguing) are lying. I mean, I’m in grade 11th(dunno how that traduces to the US school system)(basically last year of school) and I have all this state exams, Military service (coz where I live it is obligatory for people like me), Social work, University stuff, SCHOOLWORK TO THE POWER OF INFINITY, EXAMS TO THE POWER OF INFINITY, MID TIME WORK, etc,etc,etc…

Basically I have way less time than those people and here I am, A rank 110, good grades in school, a brilliant future ahead(idk why people say that to me, basically I sleep in class and I pass exams without studying), never bought a gun in my life(both in game and in real life coz here in my country guns are illegal for every civilian) and yet I play an hour daily when I don’t have too much work, and up to 15 hours on weekends.

It seems unfair that while I have to grind my way to the good guns (HoneyBadger, BFG50, AUG A3, Vector, DB,etc) some stupid kid gets those guns just by taking his mom’s credit card and buys some credits to get those same guns without any hardwork. Literally it isn’t fair.

-Money income(if this option gets removed):

You knew this was coming

Basically, Stylis is making money thanks to the non-skilled kids that take their moms’ cred cards.
Some people may be thinking:

If they remove this option, how are they supposed to make money?

Well, actually is pretty simple.


I know it sounds cruel and heartless, but I’m right(somehow). Stylis has been depending on PF for too long without releasing more titles, and that is the one great mistake that could make them sink.

PF is starting to slowly die out, and with the (super slowly) increasing popularity of Oof brigade(thanks syn, you have just started killing PF), the new Battle Royale games that are coming out, Apocalypse Rising 2(looks promising) and all the new wave of FPS that is coming to Roblox, PF will be turned into dust, just like CoR5 before him.(don’t ask me, ask Economists about it)

PF still has potential, the problem is how that potential is being used.

I will make a post about the role that community must assume in this situation and all this thing later


We all get tired of finding matches full of only low ranks with BFG BTs or M60s

This is the direct consequence of allowing these kind of people to unlock guns that they are not ready for yet

That was my stuff about the gun unlocking thing.

Feel free to comment (just be respectful)


I usually just harrass and hunt them until they ragequit, plus, BFG and M60 kids are good for your kdr, BFG kids are basically stationary targets and M60 kids are no match for my Vector.


Just because someone bought a gun early doesn’t mean they’ll be good at it. A good majority of guns have a high skill ceiling, and if they can reach it, they deserve it.




People are just bad at the bfg in general. I have no idea why it’s so popular to buy



First off let me complain about your formatting, while generally fine, it has plenty of issues.
First is a personal gripe, I Don’t like the wording “a kid stole their moms credit card and bought tons of credits.” Its very immature, a childish insult, and completely goes against the generally formal and clean format of the post. Using the term “bought a lot of credits” would get your point across in the same way.

Next is how you list your points. While your listing your points, you use a - mark and divide them up by pressing enter. Now this is fine on its own, but when your points are in multiple paragraphs, the - can get lost and idk if your continuing what you were saying, or making new points entirely.
If you wish to stick with the paragraph structure, use the built in bullet points to make it more obvious.

Also, its best to use

(Text goes here)
-(remove this part, leave the -)

When organizing your post.

Pro but conned

The pros and cons format doesn’t work if you clearly want to go over the cons. Its quite obvious you only wanted to criticize the system and leave it to others to defend it. You only list 2 short pros, vs. 3 lengthy cons. You also word your pros as cons, saying Stylis are being greedy and exploitive, and calling a portion of the player base liars. So now you have 0 pros and 5 cons. None of this is helped by the pros being really bad.
If you are going to make a pros and con list, than list the pros and cons evenly and fairly.

Conned of substance

You start off on a very weak note, by exclaiming a portion of the community are liars and don’t exist, and your proof is anecdotal. The weakest form of proof. Not only that, but you go into way too much detail about your school life and buying guns. I don’t need to know all that to understand your point, so why is it in your point? Not to mention the con was that it was unfair, but you go on about lying.
When you actually get to the point of it being an unfair, I agree with you. It is quite unfair.

In your next con, you propose a way for stylis to have income if this is removed.
While your technically right here, it’s not this easy. Stylis could definitely make more games to earn money, but if you want something to the quality of PF, you need time and people. If you want those games to be supported with frequent updates, that takes time and people. Those games need to get popular to make money, so you need to market it, which takes time and people.
Why don’t you get more people? Well you need to pay those people, and spend time organizing them.

But this is a nice starting point. Bowmen was great fun to play, and was only made by axis as a side project over a few weeks. Why haven’t we seen more of this? This is perfect for stylis. Bowmen could’ve been a good small time success for stylis.

I’m going to ignore the “annoying” con because it bleeds into my main point.

My main point

Your title is misleading/your forgetting the other half.
Purchasing credits isn’t the only way to earn them, but you go through this entire post like it is, and your arguing that they should remove buying credits, not buying guns.

Most people won’t spend money on credits and they earn them fairly.
Credits scale depending on rank, so a rank 1 player might need to spend 5000 credits on a rank 20 guns, but a rank 18 player might need to spend only 1000. So most players are only going to buy the guns near their rank.

The system gives an alternative way to get guns, and attachments. So they have the chance to get the gun they really want to use a bit sooner with almost the same amount of effort. If I just unlocked whatever gun the game told me I could earn, it would be such a bad and boring system.
It also allows for choice, I could spend my credits on the AUG now, but if I rank up a few more times I’ll be able to afford a new PDW or pistol.
When throwing in attachments, yeah I didn’t earn the kills for the gun specifically, but I still had to rank up to be able to afford the scope I just bought.
Finally, throw in selling skins for extra cash, you still need to win matches to earn the match drops, you need to play the objective to win, you need to get better at the game.

Yes it can be very unfair, but having a successful and great progression system that is centeral to the core of the game heavily out weighs the unfairness that most people won’t take part in.
I played PF like this and it was a great progression system. If you remove being able to buy guns you will leave the game with a boring, basic, bland, and bare progression system.

As for the OP

I like you all your posts, I agree with many of your other posts. I don’t want you to take this in a negative way that will hurt your future posts, I wish for you to improve and keep making good posts.

That was way longer than I thought, wow.


How else would stylis make money if you couldn’t buy guns then stylis wouldn’t make a lot of ROBUX


Well Evan, I’m going to do something before starting this response



You are telling me that my pros and cons list isn’t fairly distributed. Problem is that I can’t find any Pros of this mechanic being in-game (maybe the money income thing but by the con thing I wrote, I’m in doubt about it). Literally I can’t find any pro on this mechanic.

You may say that it gives everyone the opportunity of acquiring ranks that are a little above their actual rank if they grind those level-ups for credits.

Problem is that it the game would be better if they weren’t able to buy GUNS(I’m ok with the option of buying attachments but I’m not with the guns thing)

If, for example, someone that started playing today grinded the first 10 ranks, he would basically have enough credits to buy a gun that for rank 30. It would simply kill this poor guy.

Every single gun requires an specific kind of “training” to use

You can’t just play with the Henry as you play with an AK74
You can’t just play with an LMG as you play with a sniper
You can’t just play with a R870 as you play with a Mosin

You must train slowly with every gun you unlock in order to prepare yourself for the next one.

It’s just like training in any sport. You can’t just rush it(not even with steroids)to get what you want. You must spend time and make sacrifices in order to obtain results.

Then you wrote that my starting note was weak and that I stated that a portion are liars.

I can prove that, by another story.

I was playing a normal Domination in Metro, and we lost.

After the typical “gg” wave, a kid posted “lol I’m better than a rank 102”(he was rank 20 or less i can’t remember rn)

Basically that kid was bottom fragging with 2k something points while I was my team’s top player with 10k points by the time the match ended

I obviously didn’t say anything because facts were by my side, but one of my teammates posted “bro everyone can get ez kills with the BFG, calm down”

And then that kid got angry and started insulting him

Then he started with the typical statements of “I have a job that pays X amount of cash” “at least I have a life” and stuff like that

I replied to him and then he started to insult me so all I did was to remain in silence and let the match decide who was right.

We won and the kid rage-quitted

This basically proves my point. If this kid lied just to respond aggressively, trying to shut my team mate up because he told him the truth to his face, then anyone can be lying. I know that there’s people that are already working but play this game, people in college that play this game and even people like me that play this game.

That’s why I didn’t say everyone but most of those

And yes, only thing separating one from each other is a screen, but by the attitude the person assumes in any situation, you can tell who that person is.

Then you say that I went way too much into detail about my life, and well yeah I did and everything that I wrote there is true, but I used it as a way too take away a bit of seriousness from this post (things can get horrible when a situation gets way too serious)

Then you complain about my con saying how Stylis should be making more games, saying that I was technically right and that it wasn’t that easy and all the stuff I expected.

I know that making games isn’t an easy thing to do, that’s why I wrote “I know it sounds cruel and heartless…

I know making games requires personnel, time, money and skill and everything, I’m not ignoring that fact.

That’s why I wrote at the end of the Stylis con “I will make a post about the role that the community must assume in this situation and all this thing later

When I make that post, you will get all your answers




Why the option to buy guns should stay:
-Stylis gets more money


wont respond to this because in the post I already stated this



I love going around with my melee and knifing only then, steal their guns and kill them with it. And as for @Toothless 's responce with the bfg, and how everyone is “generally bad with it” I picked it up for the first time and went 10-0 on mall BC everyone decided to camp roof, and hit my first 360. But they are annoying I admit.


I’ll respond tomorrow, got caught up in things and didn’t have the time


well, skids that buy guns (ahem snip4life ahem) is the main way how stylis gets all their robux so


I’ve seen my fair share of people that dislike gun buyers…
cough a female PF player in the Discord :grin:

In my opinion, the core concept of buying weapons should stay in PF. A few changes to the peripheral structures such as making certain guns unlockable only would be good, if you’re that opposed to people buying weapons.

If people want to buy guns, let them be. They get to experience the weapon usage for themselves. If they like it, good. If not, they’ll probably buy another weapon. I see the current system as a way that some people can get access to guns that they like using, but their rank is too low. No point limiting the current system so no-one can buy weapons.


i maybe know her


Hmmmm, yes. Although she rages at them when she gets killed with the bought weapons, she’s still a good player. :thonk:


In all honesty, this post is really biased when it comes to the Cons

It’s mostly person opinions, and making a debate of somesort, even though you must have a stance, you must remain neutral in your arguement. Personal opinions makes your arguement/counter arguement biased

I’d like to focus on

The real question is, does the gun matter?
Because a gun is only good, as those who wield it.

I can tell you straight, a player who buys a Hecate at rank 0 and a person who earns the Hecate at rank 150 is completely different

The rank 150 obviously has played for 2 or so years to get to where he is, meaning that he has experience, unlike the newbie rank 0 who literally joined the game

The Hecate, despite its one shot ability, is practically useless to someone who doesn’t know how to compensate for bullet drop, or even moving around the map to avoid being shot

Therefore, the removal of the credits system due to this “unfairness” is not necessary, and anyways, if the person doesn’t like his Hecate playing at rank 10, it’s at his fault for spending money on that

Anyways you earn credits as you rank up, so that means it’s no excuse for someone to buy credits to get a gun right now. Anyways, even if you buy guns with hard earned credits, not spending a single cent on the game, youre still grinding of the credits, nonetheless

Having an unlock only system would mean that grinding for credits would be rendered useless, and this is not considering the gun skins


Thanks for the badge, I’ll put it in my profile summary just for you.

I can give you a great pro for the list: the entire “My Main Point” section of my response, you could easily pick many pros out of that list, I’ll give you a very important one:

Player Choice

As a game developer myself, I can say that player choice is the single most important thing in games (next to polish). Choke holding your players into doing what you want them to do when you want them to do makes a god awful game. if you have to make the player do something you
should always have to give players just enough wiggle room for a bit of player choice, just that bit of freedom. No one enjoys being forced to do anything (unless its a kink) and thats what makes PF progression so great, your not being forced down a path, your being guided down a path.

And yes while you can’t use a Henry when your used to an AK74, this argument is completely stupid. The only difference between using most guns is recoil,
you can easily use a Vector after using the MP7,
you can easily use a AUG after using a G36,
you can easily use an L115A1 after using a AWS,
you can easily use a SKS after using a MK11,
you can easily use a MG36 after using a Colt LMG,
you can easily use a Glock 17 after using a M9,
For the guns that are unique, you train the same way you always have; by using that specific gun and learning to use that specific gun.

Story Time

Your story point is incredibly weak, while I see what you were trying to do, it doesn’t work in the slightest (Similarly to the Last Jedi).

You have no ac proof that person is lying, other than how he acts, but adults can be terribly childish and petty as much as a child. You don’t know him in real life, you don’t know his name, you don’t know anything that would possibly prove hes lying about what hes saying.

I once told someone F5 is how you switch to canted sights, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just because someone somewhere lied once doesn’t mean a large number of people are lying.

Finally my apologize for saying all, in all honesty I wrote it and didn’t look back to check. Ill do better next time.

In the End

God damn do I enjoy these debates, I haven’t had a proper one in a long while. I remember when I argued against multiple people at once over WW2 guns in PF. Thanks for the bit of fun.


I dont spend real money on credits, dumbass, I use credits that I get from selling legendary and rare skins for guns that I dont use (like the ak family guns), plus, I made the best decision ever when I bought Vector with Hollow.

Also, for the OP, there are no specific “OP” weapon in PF, the BFG is the worst sniper rifle, yet people blindly buy its cuz OHK, I mean, I OHK all day with my mosin by shooting at heads, the only OP that I see now is the Vector with Hollow, its strange that people havent discovered that fact yet.