Why so toxic




Words to live by


Welcome to America


Yes, i would like people to stop being toxic towards anyone at all, regardless if they exploited or not.

It puts a bad image on the website when people are just trying to appeal


Thank you.


@awesome0001000 Hear that? Don’t be toxic. Ever. If you think you’re cool by being toxic you’re not. Be respectful and you’ll get respect. If not well you might as well not be apart of this forum. We’re better than Reddit don’t act like them.


More toxicity from Awesome… He really needs to tone down when it comes to pinging mods to shut down topics…poor Q here just found out about the test place guns and awesome had to ping mods to shut down the topic. Later I messaged him just to have a friendly chat and this happened.

@awesome0001000 I’m calling you out on this one just CHILL OUT


[email protected] WMOOONGS KORAEAN !! !! @ AAUSTRAILIAN !!! ! !! @ @ @ @ DRAG!!!ON!!

This text will be blurred




You didn’t know that Moong is South Korean?


i know moong is korean
he has the hecking flag as his profile picture




I think it’s time for an intervention. He either needs to correct the behavior himself, or the mods should get involved. They did with me when I made the “Kill yourself” joke, and I believe now would be an amazing time for another intervention.

He may be less toxic than that joke, or more, who am I to judge. Either way, he is toxic, and something needs to change.


Can we just like point out, they still are here, interventionless and still… Semi-toxic?