Why so toxic



why so toxic

Even though most appeals that are posted here are basically the same, most of the time it’s people that want to play PF after realizing they can’t play due to them hacking.

Just wanted to get this off my mind


Welcome to a community, toxic people exist sometimes. It sucks, trust me, I know.


Every ban appeal is a shit post to me


yeah I know but
telling someone to GTFO

little bit of a

insert image of newbs saying ‘Wew lad’


What about banland


What about it


Why u point me out many other ppl a toxic to


Perhaps a sudden rise in toxicity caused more attention than you expected. Speaking from experience, it’s not something that you notice at first. Usually, someone has to point it out before things get out of hand. That was something I used to have a lot of problems with.


Maybe if you and your 11yr old self were more mature no-one would hate you. You can change things quit being a toxic douchebag and plz for the love of God be nice.


Because you, instead of helping him, acted like an ass towards him.


His profile explains his behavior


Notice how he said “none of your business so get out of my profile”. Y’know what I have no respect for him at all. Until he learns how to respect others he won’t have my respect.


Here’s a life lesson for the man himself:

Just because there’s someone you hate, someone who has done wrong, doesn’t mean you can disrespect and look down on him. doesn’t mean he’s any more inferior than you.

just because he wants to get out his suffering, or has got over with it, doesn’t mean he deserves any more harsh treatment

a criminal is just another person, he did something wrong once, will he do it again? maybe, but what are the chances?


Can’t be talking much next time check your ammo before you shoot.


Ok and what does that have to do with the price of tea in china.


Welcome to reality cupcake the world is full of assholes


Again can’t be talking check your ammo before you shoot because i think it bloow you up in the face this time.


A lot of people are toxic i don’t get the big deal of it like welcome to the real-world


Rather cynical don’t you think?


This is old meme are you know it