Why is this there


There is a badge for people who are level 3 yet not a single person except leaders and mods have it so why is a level 3 badge there? @Toothless any solution?


If you go to badges and scroll all the way down


he made it so that people participating over 60 years can get it, which is virtually never

Its because ppl were abusing their power and changing topics’ names to stupid stuffs.




Tldr for dumb ppl like u:

Veterans fucked topics’ name up, Toothless got triggered, changed requirements to 60 years in the site, veterans got deranked to normal members.


Ok then


i still remember Regular

please bring it back ;—;


Welp, see you guys in 60 years!




What if… i set my age on the site somehow to 60 years? Would I basically be a submod?


No you have to have 60 years on this site


…and veteran or whatever


120 year old