Why I think the MG3 is trash

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that was way before replies came


Yeah right when I first read the post “this is my opinion“ wasn’t there


None of these are really bad. Git gud.


it just sucks , I main M60 and RPK (and the LSW)so it feels like a overweight PDW on crack.




Fuck em up my d00d


But an overweight PDW on crack is what makes it good.


And makes it shit at range


:clap: recoil :clap: control :clap:


There is reason I use the 635 , than ever even thinking about buying the Mg3


What the fuck.

Okay fuck this argument it’s not worth it. This is like trying to debate philosophy with a downy. I’m out.


Are you dense or something? why would I use the MG3 when I have the 635 or a Mg36. with the 635 being a smg ,which is much lighter, and more pratical to use .


The SMG sucks at range. The MG36 kinda sucks in CQC. The MG3 is a sort of fusion, and is amazing in CQC and good at range.


Try this:RPK-12 With muzzle brake and folding works well at range but has a slight compromise at CQC that being the RPM is 700


RPK 74 overshadows alllllll offffff youuuuuuuh REEeeeReerEeEeeeee


Why are you always saying “are you dense”

Humans have the same density dipshit
Density stays constant on matter you can’t be more dense than another person


Technically incorrect but point made.


Well that depends on what the person is made of but
For a average person without mercury in their body it is theoretically correct


t u m o r t i m e


its good to get kills with it
hell to be killed by it