Why I think the MG3 is trash

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(this is my opinion) Here are the reasons I think the MG3 is trash

1:You easily burn ammo in seconds

2:Mid to long range gunfights are a no-go without excessive tap-firing or luck

3: you have to reload constantly if you waste your ammo on full auto (which compounds with the 1st point)

4: Recoil is big problem due to the rpm and slow recoil recovery.

5:Has a uncommon ammo type

Conclusion: If you want a fast rpm lmg just use a Mg36 or RPK-12 but if you want damage with a compromise in the RPM but has lower recoil use the Rpk-74 or LSW(or the HBAR), But if you want raw damage with high but mostly controllable recoil(with attachments)use the M60 or RPK.

The MG3 takes no skill to use

just like d-day

It’s not bad. I’m still hunting for Sema’s Admin Mag MG3 >:C



Why is there A Glock drum mag on the side of it? and what’s with the 250 rounds?


ask sema


The MG3 has serious recoil, to the point where I can feel my hand pulling down the mouse to reduce recoil. THAT should never happen. Although it is highly predictable so it’s easy to compensate for. Too bad the ammo is disgustingly small for an LMG of such and RPM. When this first came out, I tore the first server I joined into micro shreds with this. But since then, it got a very significant recoil increase, and will never see the amount of relevancy it had during its first week of existence.

Final Verdict: It had potential that was great. But then the nerf came.


also before the nerf ,I saw this guy tryharding so bad with it he went 100-6


I could never hit 100 kills, but the first day the MG3 was out was out, I was that kinda player


That score sounds familiar…(Pls don’t roast me)


Stop saying people are tryhards


so you think going 100-6 isn’t tryhard/sweat territory?


So what he is better than you no need to call him a tryhard



iron sights makes the gun feel like it has less recoil due to less zoon
muzzle break helps with recoil
so does folding grip
and green laser for CQC hipfire if you need it

If you use it for long enough you’ll realize how good of a gun it is. Now considering you mentioned wasting ammo, I assume that’s your main problem. The gun’s recoil may seem intense at first, but once it reaches it’s maximum recoil just drag the barrel down slightly and BOOM it’s a laser now. You’re probably just holding left click and not compensating for that recoil and that makes your shots go over the enemy’s head. Also considering how PF is right now the LMG ammo type is pretty easy to find. There’s just a shit ton of COLT LMG’s and MG36’s everywhere.

Of course like you said it does burn through ammo but if you can use it effectively, you can take out all the nearby enemies with one mag and then have enough time to reload while they’re trying to get back to you.


what the actual fuck is that


here’s my take on the MG42/MG3KWS on why it’s great

  1. 1000RPM
  2. predictable recoil
  3. great hipfire
  4. it will shred in CQC

why it’s trash for you is most likely because you’re using it wrong…


that is why you avoid going long-range, though full auto in medium is still viable for me, at least.

the high firerate makes it superior against most LMGs (RPK, M60, etc) in CQC and you practically have a heavier, slow reloading but bigger mag M635.

actually if you learn how to pull down the gun from it’s insane recoil, its a literal laser. like seriously, I’ll give you the loadout I use and it’s easy to use

any sights
Muzzle Brake
Stubby Grip
Green Laser

though if you hasn’t to avoid having driving you might want to opt for this one

any sights
Stubby Grip
Green Laser

if the MG3 runs out of it in seconds, imagine the Colt M635 with its 1000RPM and 32rd mag. or the M231 with 1250RPM and 30rd mag, or maybe the Kriss Vector with 1225RPM and 25rd mag

of all the 1000RPM guns, the MG3’s ammo lasts longer than the rest

actually I take that back and say the PPSH-41 lasts longer, cus 1000RPM and 71rds per drum. though the drift on it is insane, even with a compensator and stubby grip there’s still a huge amount of drift left in it so you miss more but hell this is about the MG3 so let’s get back on topic

hell, you have 300 rounds extra, practically 6 belts worth of it. tell me that’s not enough?

because of the “high recoil” nature of the gun, and since it does best at RPM, may as well stick to CQC. in fact, try pairing it with an automatic sidearm (MP1911, M93R, G18, TEC-9), so when you out of bullets in a belt, you have 2 choices

  1. take cover, reload and survive for 7 seconds

  2. pull out your pistol and finish off the enemies

I already clocked more or less 400 kills on it, so I’m telling you it’s good based on my experience


Good, but in my opinion, cannot match the Kriss Vector or the M231.

MG3 has a stupidly small magazine for an LMG and a pathetic reload time to go with it.

Kriss Vector has 1/2 the mag but reloads much faster, has higher mobility and is more controllable. Shile having the exact fire rate as the MG3.

M231 has 3/5 the Mag, reloads much faster, better mobility and even though the recoil is shit, if you use the right set up, this thing shreads in CQC. Also same fire rate.

“What about penetration? Damage?” I hear you say.

First off, if you are going CQC, chances are you will never use penetration anyway, most of your gun fights will be face-to-face with your opponents.

Secondly, the higher damage can be disregarded because the 2 previous guns can equip HP.

To me, the MG3 has potential, but is overshadowed by other fast-firing guns. Ofcourse, there are situations where the MG3 shines, but generally, the Kriss and M231 are generally better alternatives.


MG3 right now is one of if not the best LMG. It is a heavy duty Kriss Vector. Everything that makes the Kriss Vector good makes the MG3 good.


It’s trash because you can’t use it correct people who can use it correctly are actually good with it
So many of these posts are your 100% opinion and no actual stats


Did you not read this


You literally edited your post and put that