Where To Join Comp PF That's Somewhat Alive


exactly what the title says.
Or is it deader than the FAL being added into the game.





But the Fal is rejoiced by the higher part of the community!

As much as I prefer the G3, the FAL still has popularity, and hell, it’s a great option!


I doubt you’ll like it but try CPFO


I’ll try finding a link


This is the biggest Comp PF group out there. However, it’s very corrupt. The owners and managers are part of one team, the Phantom Rangers, otherwise known as PR. They ban you if they don’t like you and if you do anything slightly wrong. They banned a guy for t-bagging once. Even though the rules said you’d get 3 warnings for toxicity. I told them that their actions don’t match up with the rules and they kicked me and said I’d get banned if I “challenged” an authoritative figure
Code is PBnStzx for discord


Stick to casual, comp never works for arcade shooter ( you dont see Esport Cod or Battlefield)


COD has an esports scene actually




I kinda made a competitive/casual PF team


Actually, BF4 has a comp scene




Sorry sir