What things do you genuinely dislike about PF?


I mean belt fed lmg’s that are not a variant of a mag fed lmg, if you know what I mean.


Totally what you meant


What’s the fucking difference?


it’s a variant, obviously


You fuckin got me


The HK21, while yes based off of the G3 platform, still does not feed from a mag.

And to exploit semantics, you’ve gotten what you literally just asked for:

The G3 is a battle rifle, not a LMG.

Therefore, the HK21 is a belt-fed GPMG based on a battle rifle platform.

But nooo, what you really want (yet are unable to express) is a completely new belt-fed LMG, amiright?


what the hell is that supposed to mean? it’s literally the same thing. Just with a different feed system. I don’t know what makes you think a belt-fed MG is better than an Belt-Fed MG that’s the variant of a mag-fed, but everyone is weird in their own ways.


-Roblox’s ~200ms server lag
-AFK teammates
-Kids trash talking because im leveling up guns
-Rank 12’s with the Hecate


You know what it if it is not at least 7.62 caliber LMG , then no deal


mfw M249


M249 isn’t 7.62 lmao


Nvm then


mirage isn’t that bad to me tho


Everyone’s opinion I guess.


Most of the community would disagree


Oh hey, at least I’m not the only one that doesn’t mind Mirage.


Yeah it is fun to see it’s not purely hated anymore. I find it is a nice low-stress map where you can just snipe or mess around in ways that you wouldn’t want on other maps. It seems a little more resistant to spawn camping than other maps too.


Yeah. I mostly like it because it’s far larger than the others. I like large maps.


I actually find mirage to be a high stress map, because of how many angles you can get shot from. so usually I try to rush the snipers using SMGs rather than counter sniping

I’ll agree with you with



Or you know:Use a DMR for the job.