What things do you genuinely dislike about PF?



Spray and pray.


That’s my only go-to solution, lel


Same here, although I’m the guy that sees situations like that and eagerly runs into them. X3


The super jump isn’t a glitch Stylis said so themselves. The mega jump which allowed you to jump 3-stories was a glitch which eventually got removed.


Not when Lito is blowing his money on anime…


Well then it’s a stupid feature and should be removed immediately.


People still do the jump glitch


inb4 replied to wrong person lmao


You absolute mad lad. Meanwhile I sprint shuffle toward cover and pelt people with lead before I go down.


@CamaroKidBB Hey Cam just scrolling down randomly and I find you :smiley:




I think he has a fan.

So do I.
I’m gonna train him to use the FAL to destroy the ANAL-94



Nowhere near that level.


No new belt fed light machine guns


HK-51B coming, which is belt fed, Idk if it’s considered a LMG or Carbine though.


But that’s just the HK-21 with belt feed system ,I want a legit belt fed LMG


So many things wrong with your statement…

The HK21B is a “legit” belt fed LMG.

The M60 as well, so is the MG 42, the Browning 1919 and so many others.

The shit you see in Hollywood is simply hyperbole, because no reliablity-concerned soldier would allow their belt to flop around and get filthy.


Doesn’t want belt-fed MGs

Asks for legit? belt fed MGs


It’s funny how people take the piss out of you :joy: