What things do you genuinely dislike about PF?


Most important poll of all tiem



I made a new ban game.


The importance of your replies never ceases to amaze me.


REALLY :smile:
ik your kidding :frowning_face:



And to your last point, I see zero downsides if melee was completely removed from the game. Maybe they make it so you butt the other player with the stock of your weapon, but with pitiful damage (10-20).


I dont think the Melees need a removal, they honestly just need a nerf to make them a lot easier to counter. Because 8 times out of 10, if you’re fighting a melee in close proximity, you’re fucked


I was extreme in the removal, I definitely agree.





Now you make me want to Kiss Vector to get away from the Kriss Vector.


People who use the double jump glitch on somehow jump on buildings.


Neon skin’s


My updated list

Mods being hypocritical

Devs citing real life accuracy as reason to not do shit, but completely ignoring said real world accuracy in other places. They have even gone so far as to say realism > gameplay.

People like pre-ban me who are cringy as fuck, have no sense of self awareness, and think that they are hot shit just because they use imgflip to make shitty facebook memes. Fuck off and come back when you’ve transformed into not cancer. I did it. So can you.

The devs outright ignorong cries for gameplay balance, ie the Stevens DB, MG3KWS, L115A3, etc.

The devs ignoring glaring problems like double jumping, glitching through floors, etc.

The devs being disappointments and failing to deliver on promises like the AA-12 and FAL. And while the FAL was added eventually, it’s far too little too late.

The feels megathread slowing down greatly.

The banned game having the top number of replies ever.

The fact that PF is still in Roblox and no attempt has been made to port it over to something slightly nore reasonable. Like, I get that it’s hard to learn a new code language, but god damn, plenty of people in the community know how to code for stuff like source and unity. Ask them for help. Plus if it ever got off roblox, PF could make a real name for itself.


:clap:POST REVIEW:clap:

Oh okay, lets see how this one i-

Sigh here we go again

I haven’t seen the devs do this.

I am sorry but I can not help but laugh at this…

Now this I can agree with. People need to stop being speds.

Well, they haven’t really COMPLETELY ignore stuff like this. They have made NUMEROUS changes and additions to the test place, which MAY be added to the actual game.


Hmmmmmmm… I have nothing to say on the AA12 part, but for the FAL: Better late then never?

Your thread, you bump it. Also people may just not wanna talk about stuff at this point in time.

Laughs in banne

This has been talked over multiple times… go read someone elses answer to statements like these, I am to lazy to find one.

(I am shit at making these, BUT I WILL GET BETTER!)


I have read others’ statements on why PF should stay on roblox. Server costs, copyright, etc. To my knocledge I was one of if not the first guy to start pushing non-roblox PF.

Server costs can be offset at first by just buying them with saved up funds from the roblox pf. Then they can be sustained by in-game purchases. Crates and keys, credits, etc. If it really comes down to it, the game could get a price tag.

  1. Useless as hell teammates
  2. Team “balancing”
  3. Hackers in my server
  4. When there is not enough ppl for vote kick hackers


Not sure if this was mentioned before but
-Kill a dude, then turn around only to find 6 more of them.

-Also, people that put grips/BT on a sniper rifle. It’s honestly retarded.

-Teammates that don’t play the objective, such as capturing a flare/hill. Why are you here?


do ever get that moment where someone kills you (in fps in general) and someone arrives just when you die and kills your killers like if you agree


Spatial awareness
:clap: meme :clap: review


Awareness is cool and all until some of the fresh meat somehow managed to spawn right behind you.


Omae wa mou shinderu