What things do you genuinely dislike about PF?


you’re only saying BT on FAL because i used it ecks dee


I still got nightmares from that…


Players tryharding is so unnecessary in test place

even tho you have to tryhard just to deal with them.

  1. the bfg
    4.headshot hitmarkers on snipers


Here’s another –

  • People who think the BFG .50 is the best sniper in the game and start getting pissy when others don’t agree.


Tbh the only FAL variant I genuinely like is the Shorty. I’d also like to use a LMG variant, but apparently the community wanted a reskin of the original more.
community poll was a mistake

Besides that tiny detail, I agree.


The m45 is garbage 9/10 times I always lose gun fights against other pistols, I swear I have bias against it because the m1911 is much better ,plus the 2 sk range is about equal to someone sliding across the floor and it’s shit against the other pistols.


M45A1? garbage?

nah man, I think you’re using it wrong. because for me 9/10 times I win a gunfight with this beast

sure, the damage is 50->28, slightly worse than the M1911 52->33, but, it fires faster (780RPM vs 720RPM) and has more rounds (10+1 vs 8+1)

so that means you could kill faster, ROF wise and if you miss it’s not as punishing as the M1911

I think the reason why you lose to other pistols is that you’re not hitting your targets well

no saying you’re a bad player, but I think you need to work on your accuracy

oooor maybe this pistol isn’t suited for you, I dunno.


Or… ya know, as fast as one can click.

Really, that extra rpm doesn’t come in handy too much, and yes, while milliseconds count, it’s not enough to validate use of the M45A1 over that sole reason.


It’s definitely the latter I’m good with the other pistols especially the M9 or G17 .


People that complain about the game. With the amount of exploiters and hackers recently, I think theres bigger concerns than someone “stealing” your gun or using a particular weapon. I agree it sucks when your on a streak and some noob with a BFG snipes you,but its part of the game. You have that option to use it and kill them back.Its much worse when theyre just staring at a wall and shoot you from across the map


…or take a Hecate head shot point blank then kill you with a knife

  • Suburbia 3 is a pile of ass. The revamp tries to solve the huge spawnkilling problems of 2.0 and the original, but it doesn’t. That and the map layout isn’t as complex as it was previously. I mean, sure you got the trucks and more accessible houses, but the layout is a pile of ass. Suburbia 2.0 is the best Suburbia (Even if it wasn’t the best map)
  • Why can latency completely negate a One-shot opportunity you had on your opponent. The fact that I can use a Stevens DB on Burst in close range, and all the said person has to do is one tap me fast enough, it completely negates any damage done to him. Either fix the hitreg so it isn’t based on who has better latency, or make sure we always connect to regional servers to avoid such a headache of a problem.
  • There needs to be some kinda task that potential weapon buyers must perform in order to buy a weapon, because it’s kinda annoying for someone to buy a BFG/Hecate BT at Rank 5 or less. At least add a kill milestone they must achieve or something.
  • There’s something about the new maps that reek of shitty layouts. Remember back in the day when people used to shit on Metro? Well that’s because the map was the worst. Now with some of the new maps, somehow, a new level of shit has been achieved. Especially on Ruins, Rig, Dunes and Suburbia. Metro looks like a shining angel compared to these Kings of bottom-tier maps.
    I need not say anything more.


I agree with everything you just said.



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The mods and their terrible sense of “balance”. Why the fuck is the DB not actively being nerfed into the ground? Why the fuck is the MG3KWS a Kriss Vector with 50 rounds? Why the fuck is the RPK a better weapon for suppression than the M60? Why the fuck are shotguns still the undeniably best class of weapons in the game?

Seriously though shotguns are the best weapons in the game. Not only do they reign supreme in CQC to medium range (thanks KS-23M), but they are incredible at long range as snipers. And if you think they can’t control crowds think again. Birdshot plus semi autos put down crowds like no other. Slugs reign absolutely supreme in CQC AND at range, thanks to the inherent multipliers they give you. Hell, the Steven’s this-weapons-is-bullshit DB can one hit kill to the torso at any range with slugs. Notice I said one hit. Not two as in burst. No. It takes one. Flechette also extends the already very not okay range of shotguns to the high Nope levels. This lets them reliably compete with most guns in the game at medium and medium to long range. Shotguns. Winning at medium to long range engagements. SHOTGUNS.

Stylis nerf please what are you doing.


IMO, DB only needs a long range damage nerf to 25; still keeps the main gun intact, but nerfs slugs.

MG3 also has a stupid long reload time, which was what turned me away from it to begin with.

M60 has better suppression stats, better velocity (which supposedly helps with suppression), and has 100 rounds as opposed to 45+1.

You high man? Shotguns get fucking TROUNCED by sniper rifles in terms of practicality. Sure, there’s slugs, but they move slow and have spread. THEY HAVE SPREAD. Which means that when using it at too long a range, you’re not guaranteed the hit. Up close, where three of the 7 primary shotguns 1-hit (and none of the secondaries), the other 4 (plus three if counting secondaries) have a chance to hitmarker in CQB, and that’s no bueno if you’re shotgunning with a slug shotgun (df is wrong with you).

I have never experienced flechette winning at mid-range firefights before, with the exception of Stevens and KS-23M, already long(er) range shotguns. Still going to get annihilated if there’s more than one tango though.

It has a lot to do with the maps tbh. If shotguns were nerfed to say, CoD shotgun ranges, they’s be fucking shit. There’d be almost literally no reason to use a shotgun except for some specific situations. And they happen to take up a primary slot.

IDK the last person who actively lined up and bought Stevens DB with slugs and wasn’t already the rank needed or getting close. They all clamor for the BFG instead.


my sis she never lets me finish a round


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