What things do you genuinely dislike about PF?


because the KSG in B02 used slugs and was overused and op and made the R870 look like a joke ,reminds you of something?


870 is a jack of all trades in this game; KSG is only good up real close, and considering the semi auto shotties, the KSG’s only saving graces are the higher damage and higher capacity (that can be topped off). Besides that, it’s a joke at medium range and is beaten in spammability by the semi-auto shotties.

Show me a KSG spammer and I’ll show you 15 other quickscopers.


but with slugs though


If you know how to friggen aim, not only does the 870 torso kill up close, but it also kills in a single headshot at any range.

Also, slugs derail any single point to using a shotgun. If you want a faster firing gun that’s good at range, it’s called a DMR.


Dvb-12>saiga-12 / Remington 870>Ksg / KS-23M>Stevens DB / Sawed off> Serbu shotgun


DBV-12 is more powerful and reloads faster than Saiga, but Saiga fires faster and has less spread.

Again. 870 = Jack of all trades. KSG = CQB panic weapon.

While 4 rounds is better than 2, the Stevens’ faster fire rate can come in handy at times.

Now that is just a lie. Sawed Off reloads slower than the Serbu (which holds more), and also can’t be topped off unlike the Serbu. All the Sawed Off has over the Serbu is faster fire rate and the extra pellet per shot. That’s it. “inb4 muh 90 RPM” 90 RPM is fast enough for 3 1-hit kills and a quick reload from a secondary shotgun.


Your forgeting the saiga has the a lot of camera kick making it less effective at mid range

nearly everytime I use the R870 I almost always get killtrade with a ksg user like 50% of the time


Ever heard of pacing your shots?

Would you rather do no damage? Because that’s what happens to me. Nearly all the time. That has absolutely nothing to do with the guns themselves and their conveniently similar damage.


I always thought the dvb-12 was the best semi-auto shotgun


Only because of well-balanced traits. Saiga and SPAS fill specific niches, but the DBV is more of a jack of all trades.


is spas-12 with flechette any good?


Remember when the DBV got released? It was so broken.


slugs with any shotgun


teamspawning (enemies spawn on dead body)

getting called “no life” several times by each server

buffed Scar-L that needs to be nerfed tbh

high rank users using G36 at any range

ballistic tracker

parafal being too powerful (test place)

getting spawncamped

poke fan users

difficult to rank up as a high rank (idk)

getting killed by the same player in a row



low rank users with high rank weapons

stylis not making it harder to earn credits (to prevent low rank user with high rank weapons)

weapons resound that are terrible to most of them (some of the old sounds were great)

Fal is getting a tiny annoying (might get worse if parafal is added without nerfing it)


birdshot with any shotguns

stylis making more AK weapons that we don’t really want.

stylis focuses on weapons that are related to the original weapon (L115, AWS (AWP) AKU12,AK12c (AK12) )

getting fling out of the map

alt users (high rank user’s second account)

myself sometimes.

toxic players

players asking me how long do I play pf

stylis doesn’t add something in pf from their fan’s ideas ??? (mostly guns I think)

I think that’s it.



tbh I don’t even have a alt account. feels like it’s a waste of time.

G36 not my type. I really like to use underrated weapons.

  • the second a patch is released to fix exploits, a new exploit bypassing that patch comes out in no time

  • there’s no equipments for 2 years and there’s talk that it’ll be scrapped, which destroys my hype for it

  • I don’t hate them (I actually find them funny) but annoying first timers accusing me of exploiting is a huge nuisance

  • a lot of the current maps in the main game doesn’t look very “war-torn”

  • lacking gamemodes



-teammates that don’t do crap when they need to most; seriously I don’t wanna hard carry the team at least once or twice in a session

-lack of a proper main menu; you can’t not be in a match to customize your guns and stuff. i hate that I have to not be a helpful member of my team to change my loadout.

-Roblox’s limitations: physics like breaking themselves often, performance is… not great sometimes, 60 FPS cap, no form of efficient communication (although that may be a good thing…?), shitty ping, etc.


This is not to diss the game, as I come back around to it constantly and I’m sure most people who’ve ever taken a break do as well.

  • Team-spawning. There are a ton of posts on why this is really not a good thing for this game.
  • Broken audio — when you can’t ear footsteps sometimes, so someone sprinting around with a melee can kill you without any change of a fair fight.
  • OP melee — these should never do more damage than a pistol round. If melee damage and run speed got nerfed, those infuriating stairway encounters would be a lot less common.

Those were serious compliants, but my biggest is a half-complaint:

  • Hearing loud footsteps in the kill-cam.
    • You just get killed by someone in close quarters.
    • Rather than just seeing the person who killed you for the next couple seconds, you hear all of their footsteps.
    • I should add, these footsteps are damn loud, like they are sprinting on top of your head, over and over again. It’s the worst when they are a higher rank and are sprint-shuffling in a loud flurry of steps. Seriously, this is louder than machine gun fire.
    • The only thing more demeaning than getting meleed or killed in some random-luck CQB action is hearing this to remind you of how you failed. F%&%&.


I want to add this:

  • Delaying the MP1911 over and over and over and… (Plz release it this time)
  • Tryhards not taking the Test Place seriously.
  • BT on FALs.
  • Trash talking the FAL variants.
  • Being unable to vote kick hackers.
  • Lack of Frying Pan.


Oh your forgeting something:
People who have a sniper and the sfg 50