What things do you genuinely dislike about PF?


I know this is a forum for fans of the game, but I feel like PF has a lot of flaws and I’d love to hear what you guys personally dislike the most about it.

I for one really hate most of the maps in the game. It’s got about 1-2 good ones, 3-5 meh ones, and the rest I really dislike playing. Also the main menu screen looks terrible.


How the Mateba is the only revolver that feels like a revolver

and the existance of Mirage and Oil Rig


I dislike it when:

  • My team does no effort.
  • There is a hacker.
  • Someone knows how to use an OP weapon right and constantly kills me.
  • I play Rig.
  • I play Ruins.
  • I play Mirage.
  • People steal my kills.
  • Not getting a big update on the date I expect it. (Halloween and Thanksgiving)
  • Test place guns dissapear.
  • Not returning a test place gun. (PPK-12)
  • People trash talking the FAL.


I’m pretty sure teammates spawning on you and taking your tags is much worse than having a kill stolen


1.when the whole enemy team is spawn trapping

  1. melees

  2. The existance of the mg3

4.when someone complains about the m60 but they use rpk or they are tryhards



The entire premise of PF itself…

What is it?

A grindfest. An eternal, lackluster, grindfest.

Yes, the game has its merits, but beyond the ever expanding arsenal, the fancy animations and good gunplay, the decent (but still half-assed) sound design, the customization in terms of skins, attachments and more, what is there to PF?

Is there a point playing late game?


This is a big problem I have as well. There really needs to be ranked matchmaking or daily challenges or something like that.


Developers don’t update the game enough for all the important issues, (spawn issues, squad spawn issues, etc)
Squad spawnings been broken since day 1 of PF. Still no actual fix.
Melees are STILL unbalanced after two years (seriously how hard is it to change damage to be lower)
Unbalanced weapons
Shotguns are inconsistent and badly balanced.
Snipers are badly balanced.


Yeah I hate the majority of maps in this game.

Metro, mall, and crane site are good.
Ruins, warehouse, and suburbia are mediocre.
And all the other maps are trash.

mirage is cough the worst cough cough


desert storm tho?

  • Hitreg is bad
  • Teammates that disregard basic gun safety
  • Teammates that disregard anything
  • Kriss Vectors everywhere
  • Honey Badgers everywhere
  • Snipers with an identity crisis
  • Shotgunners with an identity crisis
  • Ruins
  • The cover in Ruins
  • The mess in Ruins
  • The torches in Ruins that you can’t pick up to burn the je-
  • Metro = Base Wars simulator
  • The L115
  • The 100 stud torso kill range on the Intervention
  • Baltrak


A lot of the lag-related problems, and the playerbase. But then again, that’s Roblox’s fault


• My teammates sniping on Mirage. On KOTH and Flare
• Cocky people
• Salty motherfuckers
• Carrying my team
• People arguing in the chat for stupid reasons


Desert storm is okay I guess. It’s just that I’ve played desert so much that it’s just boring to me now.


When you are doing good and reking the whole team
But you soon get fucked by your team and end up getting outgunned 12 to 3



We can’t be friends anymore.

  • No SVT-40
  • Pretty much with Trainz here; aside from just playing to vent a bit, or because I’m bored, there’s really no major reason to keep playing PF. Pretty much the only reason I’m still playing is because my computer can’t handle anything else but Roblox (And even then, hardly that), and this is really the only FPS on Roblox I really enjoy. But that’s starting to dwindle as there’s no real objective, no challenges, no other game types…really, the biggest problem is that there’s nothing to do once you’ve done everything.
  • Fuck Rig, honestly. I personally don’t mind Mirage too much, and I actually quite like it on account of it being a much more open map. Flare Dom is kinda meh on it, but it’s bearable. But Rig can actually go fuck itself; pretty much every time it ends up as the map, I leave the game because it’s just unplayable.
  • Shotguns are still all over the place.
  • Most of the playerbase has no fucking clue how to play Kill Confirmed. Especially the people who play support or sniper on KC…
  • Not enough gamemodes. Kill Confirmed, King Of The Hill, Team Deathmatch, and Flare Domination aren’t enough. We need more – I’d love to see Capture The Flag or Gun Game be implemented, for example.
  • Bad system for kicking hackers.

I’d add a few other things, but those also have to do with being a smaller group and aren’t really under StyLiS’s control; they can’t do some things as well as larger companies like Treyarch or Bungie, and so I will refrain from adding them on that account.

  • Rig is still better than Ruins; at least Rig isn’t a fucking mess.

  • I see more snipers than shotgunners. I would know because there’s more 9 year old quickscopers out there than there are actual shotguns.

  • On that topic, despite every single shotgun being good, I still only see either KSG’s or shotguns with slugs, or both. Slugs just makes shotguns not fun to use, as their one niche is nullified. Why use shotguns with slugs when DMRs are so much better suited?


Because BO2