What the weight mechanic can do

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The main topic
"A new weight mechanics idea to balance the game and make the equipment more possible"
gains so many reply and critics that i apriciate, but it gains too many, and many critics said this mechanics will make them slow down, or make it complicated etc etc.

in sumary, this weight mechanics give the game more strategy which is may be usefull for the hardcore concept. this mechanics works by giving each weapon weight same as in real life.
the weight of the weapon affect the player base walking speed, it work by 1Kg slow down player 1%.
carrying 2 primary will be more slower than bringing 1 primary. and also it nerf all mellee by make it not possible to run fast by holding a knife. to simplyfy it, is no longger possible to run faster with a knife while carrying a primary on your inventory. to make it more optionable, you can unequip some weapon to lose weight, or carry 2 primary for some more bullets. you can move faster by unequip weapon whether is in the midle of the field or in the loadout menu. by having weight player can risk firepower for mobility or vice versa. the player speed depend on how much weight the player carry. it has a simple calculation to add the total amount of each weapon, example: l115a3(7Kg), m1911(1.1Kg),and bayonet(400g). 6.9+1.1+0.4=8.4Kg total, so the player will be 8.4% slower.

in this topic i will discuss what it can do to phantom forces

Phantom Forces is marketed for 12-15 year old kids, one of my critics says it’s too complicated for them and make less intress for those kids. but those kids doesn’t even care about weight and there are no effect if you don’t care about weight, those kids only want fire power and bullets, by enabling the option to bring 2 primmary in the loadout, it may intress some kids while they don’t mind about the slower walking speed consequence. adult gamer could be intrested at this game because of the
unique weight mechanics.

Phantom Forces is a fast pace game, “with this, the pace will be slower” they say. well it’s kinda the oposite. this mechanics make the gameplay more fast pace by having some weight on the weapon, example:
l115a3 current walk speed is 12 studs/sec
l115a3 with this mechanics is 16 x (100%-6.9%)=16 x 93.1%= 14.89 studs/sec

weapon ballance
by giving weight to each weapon, it buff all the primary and secondary base walking speed. it meant it feel faster if you bring the normal loadout, but if you carry 2 primary, it will be slower. with this mechanics player can chose to have more mobillity and less firepower of vice versa. another note, you cannot run faster while holding a knife.

knifer problem
it can be solved with this, by making the knife slower when holded, there should be less knifer. those annoying knife main can be reduce. how does it work?, well it’s by increases it’s skill ceiling, by making a knife more useless when carrying a primary. the knifer must unequip all their guns to have the best mobility. by this it will be risky to bring a knife alone in a gun fight, with the lack of distance effectiveness it will be hard to master. by bringing pistol and knife as an alternative the player still lacks some firepower and even bullets, as also doesn’t have the best mobility. at this point a knife should be a silence way to kill someone.

this is not a repost or anything, it’s only say what it can do.

for dev:
the marketing strats, to get some more income i don’t really think adding more weapon is a good idea. by making the new weapon high ranked, it is fairly stricted to new player. and the low ranks are more many than the high rankers. and also, high rankers already have many credits to buy the new weapon. i sugest adding ads to this page for more income. you can hire me if you want to, i have some ideas to intress some new player or the high ranker, im preety good at marketing strats againts competitor, and i also really good at balancing.


All weapons already have walkspeeds
This is not useful as walkspeeds are already a thing

Hellcat5's take on the weight mechanic

yeah but wouldn’t it be more interesting to have people with 2 M60s walk like a snail?


the problem is there is no weight, you can run as fast as a knife even carrying a m60 nowaday


I’m still unconvinced about the way the weight mechanic will modify things.

  • Players that switch their secondary weapons for a primary should not have a mechanic that removes the advantage. It’s the player’s decision, and a strategic one that grants them more fire-power. Instead of relying on mechanics to “even things out”, other players should be using their own initiative to even things out.
  • As for the people running with melee, don’t enter melee range.
    It’s that simple.
    People running with melees are harmless at long range, and you probably earned that death if you let the melee user close in on you. Shotguns also exist for close-range encounters, which should make the melee runners easier to deal with.
  • Many of the heavier weapons will be discarded for lighter weapons that have a similar fire-power of their heavier counterparts. This reduces the variety of weapons in-game. It’s not raising the skill ceiling if you don’t even touch some weapons to master them, isn’t it? The large variety of weapons are there for the purpose of being used.

Why I am against this mechanic:

The original pitch of the weight mechanic fails to include the weight of the assumed LBE (Load bearing equipment) worn by the PF soldier model. The PF soldier is also assumed to be wearing NIJ level III or IV armour plates, as they can survive multiple hits from military rifle rounds. This means the multiplier should not be 100%, but rather a lower amount such as 85% given the weight of the armour and LBE equipment.

The melee and secondary weight should also factor into the movement speed with the currently equipped weapon. The PF soldiers are carrying these weapons on themselves as well; the original calculation of the L115A3’s final movement speed ignored the weight of the other weapons.

With these changes, I will simulate a load-out option:
The L115A3 (6.8 kg), the M45A1 (1.13 kg) and a Cleaver (1.13 kg).

Current L115A3 walk-speed: 12 studs/second

Revised weight mechanic walk-speed for L115A3:

16 studs/second * (0.85 - 0.0906) = 16 * 0.7594 = 12.1504 studs/second

Which is approximately 12.15 studs/second (Nearest one-hundredth)

For a mechanic that supposedly boosts the walk-speed of using a “normal” load-out, this result is disappointing. The result represents an overly complicated mechanic that offers a negligible benefit when compared to the existing walk-speed system.

If a secondary is swapped for a primary, players will be significantly slower than a BFG-50 user with the current walk-speed system. Although this deters the usage of two primary weapons, the weight mechanic will provide a negligible benefit for users who don’t swap their weapons.

By dropping the primary and secondary weapons, the walkspeed is approximately 13.42 studs/second with the example loadout. This slows the user down to LMG walk-speeds with the old system. The user also has no ranged capability.

This will slow down dedicated melee runners. However. the mechanic supposedly grants melee runners the best mobility without any weapons equipped at the trade-off for no ranged weapons. With a figure of 13.42 studs/second, this is not the “best” mobility by a long shot. It will slow them down, which contradicts the original intentions of trading fire-power for movement speed when unequipping the primary and secondary weapons.

My responses to some points

My Response:

I would like to remind others that there are plenty of weapons available for low-ranked players. “Low-rank” is very subjective, so I’ll base the threshold at 100 and over. (Rank 100+ is the minimum rank to enter the “rank-100-club” in the Discord server.)

From looking at the weapon spreadsheet made by the developers, there are approximately 90 weapons to unlock before you reach rank 100. At rank 100 and over, approximately 9 weapons are available to unlock.

The number of people who are passing the 100+ threshold is growing, just as the low-ranked users are growing as well. Remember, approximately 90 weapons are ready to unlock for people less than rank 100, and approximately 9 weapons ready to unlock past level 100.

My Response:

Actually, people within the target age group would notice the discrepancy with movement speed. The effects are still there even if they are not aware of the mechanic. This raises a contradiction with your original pitch in that it makes things “slower” if they swap their secondary for a primary weapon.

These players do consider movement speed as a factor for their choice of weapons, albeit at a limited level compared to older players. However, I remind you that the developers consider the older players as the minority, and should base their decisions on the majority. Phantom Forces has many design choices which make the game more accessible to the younger players; the weight mechanic does not fit in well with accessibility.