What rank r u


Well…I am not using the VSS That often, Because It has gotten kind of old…Like how @Chroniton Doesn’t use the L86 that often because it has gotten kind of old of using…(I’m starting to LOVE the SCAR-H!)




Yes. I contributed to the Community Testing Environment.


CTE is dead.



Oh. Is that not the real game? :thinking:




Many days spent prone on a hill?




I’m currently rank 109, approaching 110.
My Kills/Deaths ratio is 1.78
My best moment was a 5in1 (with a picked up bfg i was a tryhard)
My favourite gun: currently the mosin
Most used sniper rifle: Rem 700 (3,5K~)
Most used AR: Honey badger (1,2K~)
Most used SMG: MP7 (i fuccin forgot my kills on this eccs dee)
Most used LMG: Aug HBAR (700~)
Most used DMR: Drag SVU (1,7K~)
Most used shotty: Serbu (400~ i wasted so much credits on the slugs)
Most used carb: M4 (500~)
Most used BR: Scar-H (200~. I barely use battle rifles)


i dont understand the concept of pf being an easy game anymore


i have hit rank 84




My chance to take over.

M231 and ZIP = still better


I’m rank 112 with a KDR of 2.09

If you wanna hear about my status, just come here every once in a whilw. I usually update it every week


As of now

Rank 108
1.70 KDR


Rank 199, KDR of 6.01


I can see Rank 200 looming over the horizon


Hi I’m new my in rank 39 almost 40


rank 113 with a KDR of 2.09


Rank 47