What rank r u


I gotta rank…I maybe won’t tell (ITS RANK 67!!!) And I’m grinding for the SR-3M


As the Lord of SR-3M, I’d recommend using it at CQC. Every person aimed at will be erradicated, regardless of the situation, at CQC


I try yet I die…


Well, you’ve gotta be faster.


You’re rank 67? Damn, I thought you were 138 or somethin considering how much you were talking about how good you are with the VSS


Don’t judge a book by It’s cover.

Ironically, I almost never see him use the VSS,
The gun I saw him use the most was the RPK.


Ha, did you really think I was gonna Stevens DB myself? Well, you’re right!Screenshot (890)




You and @DuckSealPengu are devil worshippers.


not really. c:


Erm yeah. If not why is your rank 666?


because i can have it whatever i desire. <3


Hi I just noticed your a newbie here welcome to the forum. Now let’s get down to rules:

  1. Don’t shitpost
    2.Don’t be an idiot
    3.U gotta understand internet terms (well, people don’t usually use standard english)
    Welcome buddey
    Thx @Apoorsoul for providing me with this lol.


um, thank you i guess.



6K kills, but rank 6[x3]?

Erm, I smell something weird






Anyone else think that’s Photoshop? :thonk:


No he/she probably got it from a dev in the test place.