What rank r u


well im rank 139 with a KD of 2,62 (not to proud of that)


Yeah it did. But if you get vcog and hold breath it’s not too bad. I’ve made a few 450 stud headshots since the nerf. You have just gotta stand still for like a moment b4 firing. :wink:


I have to aim 3 roblox characters piled up high to hit a 200 stud shot


ya just before it goes off the scope ;D


Rank 71, KDR: 1.45


Rank: 106 KDR: 4.35


Im worse ;-; rank 77 with a 1.04 / 1.06 kdr


rank 108 with a KDR of 2.04 and rising


I’m rank 108 with a KDR of 2.23 and rising.


Rank 139 with 2.75 KDR


I am rank 203 and have bin playing for about 2 years now


I’m rank 56 and am depressed.




I used to be depressed so i started playing every other day instead of every day and not being depressed helps with productivity as in you play alot better


My problem is that I have and Intel celeron laptop…


Oh ok


Now Rank 105 with 1.7KDR


Qyick update
Rank 205, ranking up every 4 days due to CSGO and other shit


I’m rank 108, with a current KDR of 2.06. It’d probably be at 3 if I didn’t have a shitty computer and a bunch of knife tryhards


Rank 102, KDR 1.83

and no, its not because im bad. Its because I meme… a lot.