What rank r u


What rank are you? I’m 199. ALMOST at 200.


149 100 more xp till 150 but I’m grinding to get a trickshot for the rank up
Edit:nvm I accidentally fucked someone in the ass with my knife and ranked up




Rank 200 with 2.24 kd

Im bad


404 (Mod)
156 (Pre mod)
165 (Current legit rank estimate)


And here i am grinding for 201


you page?



You, are a nice man


Rank 121 kdr 3.0


rank 86.
fav gun:kriss vector
most used gun:aug hbar (i was a noob then)


Mine is 99


how even


Username: Admiral_Ward
Rank: 63 (and rising fast)
KDR: 1.15-1.20
Favourite gun: Depends


Rank 99 now
i dont pay attention to KDR
new fav gun is the AKM


Rank 28
Most used weapons:ASVAL,M16A4,MAC10
Most used backup:Deagle,M93R,REX

Trying my best to rank up as fast as possible to play with you guys someday


Is that even good?


Who knows if a kdr is good these days with people using m60 bt or bfg bt


Hmm… I don’t use M60 BT that much, I don’t see it that effective. But I do keep a steady KDR


Rank 137 main, KDR 3.25

Rank 70 smurf, KDR 4.00



Same. ‘u’