What rank r u




Rank 86 1.08 kdr


i just hit 52, i stopped playing for like a month so yeh


Rank 121 1.75 KDR


I’m 57 rank in PF. I don’t have any alts
U cen si mi ka de ration:
Killz: ~9k
Deathz: ~7k
Mi fav gun(s): UMP45, SCAR-L, AK-47


This man has style, I’ll give him that



ranck: 43

key dee are: 1.2


Runk: 127ish

K/D: 3.34


Rank 118, KDR 3.85. I am a cautious player who’d rather get a good KDR in game than a total number of kills, though. Who else likes to play “clean.”?



now at renk 1 oh five, kdr of too point free five.

I’m not sure if I have a life, anymore.


Rank 0
kdr of 0
points: -

I play PF exclusively for the melee and slide mechanics


Now I’m renk 60
My killz: 10k
Mein deathz: 8k
Ka De Ratio: 1.25
Mein fav weps: Honey Badger, AK47, UMP45, MP5SD


Time to update to say that I’m Rank 199.



Imma just leave this here.

Rank 264


You need an intervention.
The honey is quite shite when compared to the M16A3, gum on the bottom of your shoe when compared to the M16A4, and nothing when compared to the AS Val


Tru dat

Bonus question: As Val and Vector with osprey suppressor and HP ( so the damage value doesnt change), which one is better at CQC?



Why do people use honey BADger?

AS VAL (With extended magazine) is a direct upgrade of it in any way.

  • More damage.
  • Higher fire rate.
  • Less recoil.
  • Much much cheaper rank.
  • Still suppressed like Honey.

The only thing the Honey is better at is only a 0.8 second faster reload when empty, That’s like nothing.


Damn I need a pc to play more. I’m rank 40.


AS Val or Vector?


I forgot my rank :+1: