What rank r u


Have you considered all 3?


Ive gotta 1v1 summa these children to see if they do what they say


Rank 103, with a garbage 1.09 FOR

Blame my bitch basic potato


Rank 124 with a KDR of 2.21




No u


No u


No u




Rank: 116


Rank 49 I actually gave up on pf and I just started to play again
Kdr 1.54
7000 kills
4000 death
Favorite guns famas, ak12br and intervention


KDR: 2.5

Used to have a poopy mcscoop computer, but now I got a new one and am trying to increase kd from 1.03 to (a good kd)




Thats actually good oof


Rank 125
Kdr of 2.23 (i prey thit ti disentt ger duwn, evedey)
Almost 50k kills (sedli 2ok deths dough)

Basically the only reason I’m still playing phantom forces is because I’m waiting for more new content AND I still haven’t hit a trickshot yet. : /


Rank 112
KDR of 1.6x (I forgot the exact KDR)

I basically suck at this lego game

I’m a disgrace to rank 100s


cough im rank 38 cough


I’m rank 48 haven’t been playing for a while


Same lol.


I got addicted to swordburst 2 and have been playing it for 2 weeks