What rank r u



bruh dude is hacking


Ahuhuhu jealous


I’m not.
I’ll crush him in a 1v1


Even using the l86, his own gun.


I’m not sure if you’re arrogant, sarcastic or actually retarded


imp0ssible unless u get dis about every round xd




Some people actually ARE retarted ya know?


His point stands though. 6 KDR is pretty good but he’s probably a defensive player and his rank is high- he’s had plenty of time to raise it. Then you contradict your own accusation of him being a hacker by saying you can crush him in a 1v1 rofl


I rlly can beat him in a 1v1 “rofl”


Let’s not brag, because no one likes a bragger.




I have a KDR of 2.17 because I’ve been playing PF since december last year on this crap PC


But thank god a new PC with an i5 core processor is coming to me soon




Roblox = Must have good cpu, gpu should be "ehh"
Other AAA Games: Must have decent cpu, gpu should be good
So in conclusion
Roblox = No logic


ive been experimenting with gpus and cpus recently
I first tried out pf with no significant boodt on cpu or gpu
laggy cuz it was a potato
then i tried using more power for the cpu
not really a difference but noticable
but if u upgrade the intel drivers and fiddle around with the graphics properties u can get a big difference by having the driver use a shit ton of power and set to performance it can give you an extra 5-20 frames on roblox


My rank is 209 now and my kdr is 2.85 (but thats just cos i get 30 fps on average)


I’m rank 122 with a KDR of 2.19


Rank 209 and KDR 5.61


If I can’t land a bullet on Chron, you sure as hell couldn’t either.