What just happened at my school


This story is crazy, but one of my teachers nearly got fired for making a post that said:
(Note: Not actual words)
“Damn kids never have enough supplies in school”

So one of my classmates caught this (Which was on Snapchat [Wait]) and told his mom (who my mom knows, so I’m surprised she didnt know when I told her), who went up to the Board of Education, and suspended the teacher (Yes, teachers get suspended too :smiling_imp:). To be honest, I did want her fired for the comment and for having such a tedious class

What I learned from this: Apparently, Teachers can have Snapchats.

Also, this is why Snapchat isn’t good for you.


Well i can’t do crap about it man, if your teacher is going to be inappropriate. I have heard of much worse though…I don’t understand why the teachers would talk with their students through Snapchat or text anyway.


I’m not asking for a Mod to do something, I just made the title to seem I’m still asking myself this question. My bad for confusing u…

Well, it is America, isn’t it?


Yes, but that is just kinda not necessary


Ok. I can change it.


woulda been cooler if there was a school shooter and you were messaging your last goodbye but this is fine ig


Well, a school shooter?

Last year some dumb parent took shots at the high school. Good thing no one was


lol legit?



Many people early in the year assumed me as a school shooter cuz I knew a gun like the back of my hand. But like my grandma said-

To assume makes an “ass out of u and me”


xd same i have an “uncanny” knowledge of guns and still try to convince people im the grim reaper and thats! why i get called an autist and a school shooter
even by the kids i showed my scythe too…


They called you Autistic? For knowing guns?

sum real pricks modern American kids are


im glad my school is mostly asian


I’m glad I’ve earned my respect from the popular kids. I let Those dumb, less popular, kids bully me in 7th grade. Tbh, I want to get back at them for the shit I let them do to me (i.e. insult my back problems).


im sorry that you were a victim of bullying. I was in 6th grade by some 8th graders. i was glad they left for highschool

i have a huge overbite ;-;


Well, don’t you have to face them again? Considering that I’m in completely different classes with my former bullies, the relationship nutrealized. There is still one guy left out of the maybe 4 or 5 still going after me…Don’t worry about me. Ima get back at him.


I might have to face them again in high school but they would have forgotten me by then


Lol. If they forget about you, they are most likely absent-minded.




This is y I have only 1 friend on Snapchat


ye basically im like if you dont stop i can take you out so many ways… i mean my friend taught me everything you learn in basic bootcamp so i know a few ways to kill people