What is your sniper playstyle?






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I sit back with an R700 or Mosin w/ PSO-1, playing heavy death metal and playing passive aggressively. If my area is nice and clear, I’ll scout around, searching for targets. If people might be pushing me, I pull out the good old Long Sword from my trusty backpack and rush them. or I just pull out an M45 and spam and prefire until they’re dead


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Being almost level 60, I use the Intervention. My #1 Best hands-down weapon. I play calmly but if somebody Pisses me off, I destroy the whole team.


I don’t snipe at all. GO GUNNERS GO
If I have to, I tap-fire my G3.



“Auto Gang” - Lil Gun

Auto gang, Auto gang, Auto gang, Auto gang
Auto gang, Auto gang, Auto gang (Auto gang!)
Use an MG, the one with chains
My gun love do bang bang, OOF
I used a test gun, I forgot its name
I can’t buy a gun armor piercing
Rather go and buy OOF

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we All can aggre here, AWS is the best sniper. hands down


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