What is your sniper playstyle?


AK-47 semi auto with VCOG anyone?


Semi-Auto is for the weak.

Full auto VCOG gang


That’s called “how to fucking get yourself killed 101”


Bfg, g18 bois. The ultimate anti anything loadout. Bfg for mid-long ranges and and g18 for reking those ksg scrubs.i hate the ksg


I use the speed of the L115 and Mosin for a reason
Just flick heads lol


Nah. Ballistics aren’t as good and it doesn’t have a 2-burst kill that acts like a 2-hit kill, especially with AP to the torso.


Two guns:MK11 and SVU


and don’t forget about the scar-l and l86a2 and just about any battle rifle if you tap-fire(AG-3)


henry is superior battle rifle, followed by AG3 then FAL


yep same


what I do is I take a faster snoiper (or dmr even) like mosin and AWS and I run camp buildings closer to the map. Take advantage of wallbangs. And I also move around a lot. I use a trackball so its easier to move to aim for me/


We lost another one to the balls tracker.


not balls tracker

trackall ber


Im very aggressive with my beautiful BalTrak bfg


And another one :frowning:


You forgot a few words and clicked on the wrong emojii


What ever happened to hitting headshots?


Its a .50 cal. You would have no head if you were shot with it. Same goes for the body shots.


Apparently, getting hit with a Hecate body shot leaves you with 13% of your body. DW, with your Deadpool 3.0 abilities of health regeneration, it’ll only take 90 seconds to heal up.


I die repeatedly…