What is your sniper playstyle?


What is your sniper playstyle in Phantom Forces?

I play really aggressive. I basically treat my sniper like a shotgun and use it at long range when I have to.
I never was the type of player who liked to sit on his ass in a building across the map. I like to attack the people sitting on their ass in a building across the map. If you know that the 4 dots around the screen supposedly representing the spread of the gun are completely invalid, and that all sniper rounds go to the center, you can absolutely annihilate people.


Don’t use snipers.


Why not? Snipers are fun.





I’m not po_ke. If you’re not the phantom forces equivalent of a pile of dog turd, snipers can be extremely effective.


Okay model 1858 is best sniper in the game. Hands down. And I sit in trees with it. That is how I snipe.

That or tap firing my RPK with AP rounds and an ACOG.


Being low rank my aim isn’t too great, but I like mid range to long range sniping. If you can hit those headshots it is very enjoyable, and it gives you that feel that full auto doesn’t


I camp from far away(ish) and get kills on people unfortunate enough to cross my path. Ironically, it’s the easiest to go after the snipers, due to them largely being stationary and my CQB skills lending me a quick reaction time. Combined with the fact that 99% of non-snipers and DMRs are useless beyond 200-ish studs, and this is a recipe for a 10+ KD game, or even a flawless game.

As for a secondary, I choose spammable and controllable, but powerful secondaries like the M1911 and Mateba, though I also fall back on the Serbu and Sawed Off as well.


I vary between all, but I like a Close Quarters Aggressive Playstyle the most. Very effective when combined with either a Stevens DB or an SR-3M


When I’m mad, I use the BFG and Heccate to chill the fuck out. When I watch a Faze Cod montage, I go aggressive.


That one moment the reticle goes huuuuuuuuge and thats why i never hip fire any guns


i play rather aggressively and constantly move with my Mosin or AWM but I tend to stay in medium range rather than all out CQC

because I know that I can’t noscope very well, so I might as well stay out of danger or pack an automatic sidearm


I use a high mobility sniper rifle to strafe around in a small area and dodge the incoming bullets. Then i duck into cover after tapping E in the general direction of the enemy. I look at the red dots and choose a target. I then pop out of my cover and snipe the person. I like to use the mosin or the r700 for this strategy.
Or… i just use a mk11 with the same strat


I play aggresively, but stay in mid-range.

My loadout varies, but I always have the Mosin as my primary, equipped with canted iron sight and PMI with flash hider and verti grip ( grip actually increases ads time on the Mosin).

As for secondary, its the Obrez on open map. M9br with HP on CQC, or Sawn Off.


Steyr Scout anyone?


AN-94 AP VCOG anyone?

this meme shall never die


When I use the mosin/l115A3/r700/stevens dB with slugs, I am an aggressive sniper. Rushing around, killing people from mid range/close range. When I use the bfg, I am more laid back and usually snipe from afar.


I take a few shots, then run away (when cover blown), repeat


how to play like knta

Step 1: grab the nearest AWS

Step 2: sniff a bit of crack

Step 3: listen to my spotify playlist (still refining it)

Step 4: A S E N D _ T O _ T H E _ M O O N


Whenever I go BFG to annoy everyone, I just sit in one place to spam that sexy .50 BMG.

Whenever I play that “real-life military tactics” style I’ve gotten into recently, I usually grab an Intervention, an R700, or the L115A3, and then camp at a point where I have a good vantage of the map. Then I start spotting, and once I have a target, just take aim and all, then fire.