What is Your Most Hated AR?


Choose which gun you hate the absolute MOST. Judge these by your experience WITH the weapon instead of simply the gun in general. For example, don’t say “honey badger” just because it’s an OP tryhard gun.

  • AK12
  • AN94
  • AS VAL
  • SCAR-L
  • AUG A1
  • M16A4
  • G36
  • M16A3
  • AUG A2
  • AK47
  • AUG A3
  • L85A2
  • AK74
  • AKM
  • M231

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I chose the AN-94, because, eh, I hate burst fire weapons, and when I switch it to full auto, the RPM is only 600, so I end up getting killed before I can kill others. It’s…and okay gun, but it’s just my least favorite.


How dare you I’m The Lord of the AN-94!!!



The gun is a laser beam and most importantly was a favorite among competitive players.


Well, the main thing that makes me hate this gun is well.

It’s recoil is laggy
It takes about a quarter of a second to kick up, and that kinda screws me over.

Or maybe you just have to have the absolute BEST wifi on the planet for the recoil to be normal. idk, the world may never know


I have spectrum lol.


why do people use the honey badger when its horizontal recoil is actual ass


I chose the AS VAL. I can get behind close-quarter guns that have high recoil OR low ammo magazines, but not both.
This poll was a tough one, because most guns we hate are ones that we might not have given a fair chance (my deal with the AS VAL).




shitty ass fucking bitch



I like em all.


Fun fact: The AN-94 has a system where the 1800 RPM is meant to allow you to hit your target before your shoulder gets hit with recoil. So it’s not lag, it’s the waepons system.


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The honey badger is not that bad at all, it has a good DPS, it is amazing in Short and medium range combat, and the recoil is manageable, and it is stealthy so you can sneak up on enemies, i hate to fight against a badger mainer, but it is really fun to play with. this is my favourite assault rifle.


An94 cus personally i hate burst


Ak-12 cuz its ugly as hell.


Not sure if it’s the right variant but the iron sight on the G36 is obese. It’s hard to see where you’re aiming down sight.


AUG A2, simply because there’s nothing special about it as an AUG.

The HBAR wins in capacity
A1 wins in stability
A3 wins in Medium
A3 PARA wins in CQC

A2? Nothing


Thinking that it was an easy to control gun.
I picked it up from my ally.
I tried to fire it but the ammo just go “blarg” and goes empty.