What is up with Shotguns?


If someone else has already made a post about this, sorry, but I just wanted to express something I’ve seen a lot: Shotguns, and people talking about them.

First of all, a lot of people get mad when they die to a shotgun user. I don’t completely understand this. I understand it can be frustrating to be one shot, as is the case with the BFG, but the shotguns do not have the effective range of, say, that BFG. Therefore, you will outgun them at most ranges if they do not have an ammo attachment or a powerful shotgun (Like the KS-23M or the STEVENS DB). For example, we are playing on Metro KOTH and player X is using a shotgun. Player Y is using an assault rifle, so when player X is in the area close to the hill, it would be pretty simple to gun him down. However, if player X is in one of the spawn-escalator areas, they will have the advantage, so these guns are about the same power. Again though, people think that shotguns are overpowered because of that one shot at close range. The solution to this is to be at ranges where shotgun users can’t get close up to you without getting shot or just taking them on at range and watching to make sure no one flanks you. Because of all this, I don’t see a reason for why people hate shotgun users so much.

Second, but less important IMO, is the ranking of shotguns. This is a little bit of a less clear ranking then doing so with snipers, for example, because shotguns do different things. The STEVENS DB one shots at high ranges with its instant burst, the KS can do large amounts of damage at ranges far from other shotguns, and the rest are a little bit less distinct but still different. I believe that everyone’s playstyle would use a different shotgun, so there isn’t a clear ranking in my mind. Maybe some are stronger than others or I haven’t unlocked them yet, but every shotgun seems pretty unique to me, and I like that.

These are some of my thoughts about shotguns. You might think differently, and if so please tell me why as I am curious. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this post!


because people who use any shotgun that hasn’t been bathed in pure vodka (only ks23 and saiga. dbv counts too i guess) are just using them because they cant fucking aim


usaully thats the case or people want to piss u off

sometimes because they like the shotgun

but honsetly i dont know why people use it even u use them (mostly db)


i met a birdshot stevens yesterday. it wasn’t fun


Ks23 has insane range tho. super fun


i only hate shotguns in two cases:

  • they somehow one shot me from 200 studs away with standard buckshot
  • im behind cover and i get annihilated anyways (probably ping)


Let me guess. It’s always a KS-23M isnt it?


Im the guy who use KSG Slug as an All Range DMR


That’s kind of what I was trying to say in this post. Even if these shotgun users have bad aim, it shouldn’t really trigger anyone, because they are still not very powerful/overpowered. You can do just as well or better with an AR or sniper, because shotguns are not all powerful. They only benefit said people who can’t aim if they are at a decently close range, and in most other situations you can easily take them out.


did u see pre nerf KSG? 2 pump from 100 studs with birdshot