What is up my fellow gamers


I finally got around to making an account on here, good thing to because the discord is a horrible disaster that i only use now for the minecraft server, besides that i realized that not only are the forums better, theirs not a post every millisecond.




Welcome to the forums!

We are a good community and we indeed don’t post every millisecond.

Few tips to stay on a good reputation:

  • Don’t randomly revive a dead topic unless you have a good reason for it.
  • Don’t complain about eachother’s grammar mistakes, A few forum members actually got in trouble for that.
  • Stay respectful to other users.
  • Don’t make ban appeal or report threads here.
  • Like the FAL.


Welcome to the Forums

Tips: Exactly what darkman said

also shitpost goes in the meme thread btw


Ill make sure not to break any of the rules :).



Welcome to the forums!
We are less annoying than the Discord server, and 5% less toxic than Reddit!

(and we’re cooler)
(Also, like the Scar-H, not the fal xddd)


ahem the henry


ahemahemahemahemahem (wow what a big cough) like the Thompson.


I’d like to correct something on the rules by darkman

there we go!

and by the way, if you’re making gun suggestions, be sure to include possible stats for the guns in game and include a picture of the gun

otherwise, they’ll be dumped to the Gun Suggestions megathread, where low effort " I want the BFG-50A" one liners go to die

hope to see more of you on the Discourse :smiley:


where can I input gun suggestions


found it


man i do hope that i can request rocket launchers that shoot throwing knives that set the enemy on fire.


realistic guns please not fantasy.


I cant tell if that is sarcasm or not

edit: it is :P


i hope you understand that was making fun of the people who suggest all of those


oh sorry. lol


:exploding_head: I saw that edit Freeeenchies


Welcome to the forum, lad!

The others covered most of it already, so yeah. Really, just don’t be an asshole and you’ll get on fine.


Don’t piss me off or you will go to gulag.


Just don’t be an asshole and you’re good to go