What is this


Why is it when I try to post something, this message shows up?


The site usually only let’s you post things that are more than a sentence (or at least a complete sentence).


Discourse doesn’t encourage the use of internet speak.

Or maybe It’s broken.


I see my name


theres a NEAT hack to that

if you get that message you need to do this:
click the small gear icon at the top of your reply

then click 'Blur Spoiler’
and then it will look like this [spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler.]
then delete the ‘Text will be blurred’ part of it
so its just [spoiler][/spoiler.]
and that turns into invisible text
which fools the system which lets you post anything you want!


oh yes
I know a way to bypass it
so type in all caps and place a spoiler
then delete the message inside the spoiler and bam


did u learn dat from me or u found out urself




Then do as following

  1. Press enter
  2. Type '###### [sentence of choice]
    ex. Fuck you bot / This is a sentence
  3. Try replying


all myself l0l




oof same



you could do this secret message hax that can bypass the bot


just use the sharp brackets and you can make it invisibe

the bot wont let you post if you use all caps, so this is a way to bypass it, use smol caps btw.



i never knew that…


I always posted a spoiler blank.


Btw you’re using safari…


Doesn’t matter


Why not google?