What is the lowest rank user with high rank weapons you ever seen in your life?


So far I’ve seen a rank 17 with a hecate II and scar hamr just today and I’m so disappointed about that guy for spending money in Phantom Forces.

Tell me why unlocking guns with credits does exists because I always wanted to see kids who has patient to unlock weapons without paying robuxs.

and yes, rank 40 or lower with a bfg + bt are very common to see them more often in phantom forces.

I’m not getting an attitude btw.

I’m also curious if you seen way lower than a rank 17.


rank 6 with BFG+bt


Rank 0 with my M231

He got confused.


Rank 1 with scar PDW BT+ACOG+Pbs 4+ stubby


Rank 0 with Hecate BT scar hamr BT all augs BT and DVDs BT plus m231 BT


rank 30 with hecate


rank 75 with Hecate


how many credit card did he steal


Over 9000?


rank 2 with hecate



Rank 1 with bfg50 bt.
However I think buying firearms with credits is ok, as long as you do not pay for them. I got some of my favorite weapons that way, saving up credits over many levels. The main ones are the AG3 and L11A3.


Rank 1 with Hecate


Probably a rank 30 something with a BFG and a rank 67 with the HECATE-II
(it was months ago that I saw a rank 67 with the hecate and I still remember his exact rank)


Rank 13 with Hecate


rank 3 with hecate


I’m sorry that you think people actually spent money, some did but sadly a few weeks ago Viper Venom (Roblox Exploiter that releases Exploits) released something that allowed people to unlock EVERY weapon without paying or having to level up. Note: those weapons did not save after leaving… Some scripts were made like this, I believe they are patched… So those kids are exploiters and most did not spend a single dime there… I’m sorry to say but you were fighting against exploiters.


There’s a glitch like that.



This text will be blurred


Rank -20 with a Vector.

Because that glitch.


rank 80 with M60 BT VCOG (oh shit thats the opposite!)


Oh I remember!

Rank 1 with the Chosen One and Hattori, plus Vector BT and SFG BT.
I asked him how the fuck did he have Hattori at rank 1, he saih he bought credits and spent them on crates…