What is dis?



Ok. What is this

Probably a account glitch.


i am the one who added it, if you try to play as a guest, it auto kicks you


lol ok


Lmao k thanks


not my problem that people are trying to play as guests, which were removed… (not fully unfortunately)


should have made the message
"legendary creatures of myth not allowed"


Well that’s mean

and misleading


How so?


actually fairly certain that there’s an issue in roblox’s code that randomly makes you join the game on a guest account (or doesnt load the playerid correctly) idk, I got it once and never modified anything.




No, Roblox removed guests, and the only way to use them is by doing some bypassing sort of thing, so its not at all.

Yes, This is an issue, but its related to teleporting people, which we don’t do.





Both of these are not true, if you cannot successfully be authenticated when your game launches you launch as a guest instead of not launching at all.


Oh no wonder why I dont see guests anymore


what do you mean…
wait is there a secret way to become a guest again :0
i must know


yeah its called HACKSSSSS no not real.ly just join a game with a outdated game launch code