What guns are good for AP ammo and/or HP ammo


Hello I’m new here. I still don’t understand the game completely and I randomly came across this page. Can anyone help me?


Hallow Point is very good for damage but cannot shoot threw walls.

AP is good for shooting threw walls but it decrease damage.


@LonelyWolf7720 oooh. What guns do you recommend for HP?


HP Ammo is great for AK-47 and RPK.

Turns them into 50-25 damage.


HP is currently broken and doesn’t effect the in-game performance of the weapon. Just a warning.


I actually use HP for the deagle. It’s pretty great for headshot.




HP recommended for: High damage, high DPS or CQC guns
AP recommended for: idk, it decreases damage





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HO for Vector, use suppressor too, it rips people apart.